3 Basic Tips for Poster Design that Most Businesses Can’t Adopt Well

The poster is art of information delivery and a popular propaganda or promotional tool. In general, the posters can be divided into commercial posters, culture posters, movie posters, public posters, investment poster design, exhibition poster design, etc. Poster design is a kind of graphic design.

Successful posters should be fun, powerful, and understandable. Thus, there is at least a part of images can be instantly recognized by the general public. Others need to show a longer time to be understood by the audience, maybe just to some of the audience.

Missing dog poster design example

Good posters should respect the audience as intelligent people and give them a visual experience. As long as there is a chance, posters should express their ideas in a short, powerful and unique manner.

Considering the high cost of hiring professional designers to create posters, we can use some poster makers to create posters by ourselves, such as DesignCap, Photoshop and so on. Such software will provide users with a large number of templates and picture materials. They are easy to use, and some of them are free, like DesignCap poster maker. With such tools, we can design needed and unique posters easily.

So, how to make a right poster?

First, clear the goal

What is the purpose of making this poster? What is the theme? Who is the target audience? What style can attract them? As long as you solve these problems, you can create posters with a definite direction.

Graduation party poster example

Second, care about the following seven design elements

  1. Express the full visual impact through images and colors.
  2. Clear the theme of the poster. Essentialize the content of the poster and focus on the main point.
  3. The contents cannot be too much.
  4. Pictures should be the central part and add some words to express your thoughts.
  5. The theme font should be striking.
  6. The amount of information should be balanced, and there must be some blank of the poster, which looks better.
  7. The color should not be exaggerated, and strive to offer a pleasant and comfortable feeling to the audience.

Third, pay attention to the color

The color is the most sensitive stuff to human’s vision. A well-designed homepage color can icing on the cake and get more with less effort. The basic rule of color principle should be “overall coordination, local contrast,” that is: the whole color effect of the home page should be harmonious, only partial and small areas can have some intense color contrast.

Summer party poster example

We can use different colors according to the content of the home page because the color is symbolic. For example: tender green, emerald, golden yellow, taupe can respectively symbolize spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Second, there are occupational signs of color, such as military uses olive green, medical and health use white. The color can also influence people’s feeling, such as cold, warm feeling, and so on. In addition, the color is also nationality. Every ethnic group has different preferences for the color due to environmental, cultural, traditional and other factors.

Making full use of these characteristics of color can make our home page have deep artistic connotation.

Pro tips:

  1. Posters must cover specific and realistic venue, time and main content. You can use some motivational terms, which can not be overstated.
  2. Poster’s text should be concise; the length should be short and pithy.
  3. Poster’s layout can be artistic to attract the audience.
Job roles poster example
photo credit: Tom Hubbard / Behance


Overall, with the help of professional poster makers, it’s easy to design a good poster. As long as you follow the above rules, everyone can create attractive posters easily.