Safari: Free And Fast Browser

Apple is known as a developer of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop personal computers. All devices operate on the basis of their OS. One of the most popular applications for iOS was the Safari, so it was ported to Windows and Android.

The reasons for this popularity are likely to be explained by the flashing fashion for Apple products since the browser does not have any outstanding properties or options. This article provides an overview of the free browser; installing Safari Windows 8.1 on your computer; installing add-ons; setting up and clearing the cache.

It is almost identical to other browsers functionally. It has quite strict and minimalistic interface like on Google Chrome. You can get Safari free download on the official website. However, it is much faster and easier to use any search engine by typing Safari download for Windows. Many sites will offer its Safari latest download version.

Safari landing page


The file is modest in size, only about 37 megabytes, and the process takes less than a minute. Following the standard invitation, a screen appears, on which it makes sense to pay attention to those who install the browser to work on a local network, in which there are printers. Service Bonjour for Windows allows you to discover common devices and configure them for the operation of the browser itself.


During the first launch, the tool opens the official website of the company, offering to buy a variety of devices and download paid and free applications. The entrance to the application settings options is located in the upper right corner of the window, just like on Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome. The settings menu itself is quite ascetic; only the most necessary ones are rendered.

Browser Cache Clearing Service

Perhaps, this is one of the most popular options for all such programs. The process is very simple here. All you need for this is on the “Privacy” tab. Here you can set the security level of the program in accordance with your preferences, reduce the number of ads displayed and disable geolocation.

Block ads


In this category, the number of settings is also small, but all the most necessary ones are present, including the ability to block pop-up windows.

Safari Supplements

The list of add-ons for Safari contains about the same set of applications as for other browsers:

  • blocking advertising;
  • improvements to work in social networks;
  • plugins for email;
  • widgets for obtaining weather forecasts, exact time, and the like.


Obviously, the browser is almost as fast as its competitors and has all the necessary services and functions. However, statistics show that in numerous popularity ratings it is ahead of Opera only, and still not in all cases.

Perhaps this is because Apple’s unwillingness to distribute its software products to other operating systems actively. In any case, the tool has a small size and excellent speed, which, combined with a mean but understandable interface, makes it very convenient for surfing the Internet.