10 Amazing Part-Time Jobs You Didn’t Know Exist

Looking for some amazing ways to make some extra cash in your spare time? If you think part-time work is limited to cutting lawns or stocking shelves, you’re in for a real surprise. There are numerous ways to make money that you may never have heard about before.

Here’s 10 unique part-time jobs you can get started on today:


1. Groom/Bridesmaid for hire

You can offer yourself up as a groom or bridesmaid and charge a few hundred to a thousand dollars for your time. Some people just don’t have a lot of friends and need an entourage to impress their significant other’s family. Other people may need help taking care of last minute details and/or someone outside their personal circle to confide in. Not only is this a super fun way to make cash, it’s social networking on steroids!

2. Lice removal expert

It doesn’t actually take very much expertise to remove lice from people’s heads. All you need is a keen eye and some patience, and you can make $20 an hour pretty easy if there’s enough lice problems in your area to keep busy with. Amazing, right? Well, the money is anyway. Don’t believe me? Google it and thank me later!

3. Professional cuddler

If this sounds creepy, professional cuddling likely isn’t for you. If you can see yourself being able to snuggle and spoon with others, professional cuddling is a niche demand that several people will pay good money for. Just think of all the friendships you’ll develop in addition to the money you’ll make! Toss an ad up on Craigslist or similar and start raking in cash with this relaxing side hustle.

Professional eater

4. Professional eater

It isn’t hard to find an eating contest offering massive tons of cash. Don’t worry about gaining weight doing this job. As long as you eat responsibly when you’re not competing, you’ll be fine. Some pay up to $100,000 to those who win and the food is usually free, or nothing more than the price of the entry fee. Best, you can pick contests that offer your favorite foods, like hot dogs, burgers, pizza, chocolate bars, and literally anything else your heart desires.

5. Line placeholder

Anyone who has $1000 cash to buy the latest iPhone or Samsung smartphone the moment it’s released, will be willing to pony up a hundred or two dollars to pay you to stand in a line until the store opens, so they can swoop in at the last minute after a full night’s rest. Though this might not seem all that amazing, you can make a lot of money doing this side hustle in a large city. There are plenty of online platforms like TaskRabbit that can connect you with people willing to pay for this service.

6. Hair donor

There are a lot of people with thin or no hair that want to buy your hair and have it made into a wig. A minimum of 10 to 12 inches of length is necessary, but the longer your hair is, the more wigs it can be used for. Meaning, if you’re not stuck on your precious hair, you can make extra couple thousand or two a year selling your hair after it grows out! What’s more amazing than giving the hairless a new lease on life and getting paid for it?

7. T-shirt wearer

The only thing easier than wearing t-shirts and getting paid for it is watching paint dry (though I doubt anyone would pay you for this. Jason (who has many last names) started IWEARYOURSHIRT.com during the last recession and claims to have made over a million bucks doing so. He’s moved on now, so there’s literally millions of dollars out there for someone who isn’t stuck on what the t-shirt they’re wearing says. You can also make money taking selfies of your favorite clothing and get a commission when people like your photos and purchase the same items.

Scrap metal

8. Scrap metal removal

It’s hard to imagine people are willing to part with something that has so much value, but a lot of people just view it as “scrap” and are too lazy to get rid of it on their own. If you have a truck, you can offer to pick up people’s scrap for “free” including any labor that’s needed to get it from their property to the scrapyard who’ll pay you the going rate for scrap. Some people make a good living rifling through trash containers and raiding people’s recycling bins, too (though you don’t want to get caught doing this!) You never know what you’ll come across, making this a truly amazing side gig for people who like finding buried treasure.

9. Sell your photos

Most of you reading this understand that sites like Shutterstock and dozens of others offer a platform where you can buy professional images. You might not realize that it’s people like you and me that contribute these images. The amazing thing about this side hustle is it gives you the perfect reason to travel and find scintillating backdrops for your images. Take photos while you go about your daily life and put them up for sale. The more photos you take, the better your income will be.

10. Sell shares of your future earnings

Are you supremely confident in your ability to crush it on every entrepreneurial venture you put your hat into? Mike Merrill sold 100,000 shares in himself when he offered an IPO for himself back in 2008. The driving force behind the idea is that any money you make outside your day job goes to your shareholders. Read through Merrill’s story and see if it’s for you. I can’t think of a better way to motivate oneself to make as much money as possible.

Professional cuddler

Find an idea that resonates?

Some ideas may seem more amazing than others. However, one man’s garbage is another man’s gold. If you think you’ve got what it takes to use one of these ten side-hustles to create a better financial future for yourself, what’s stopping you?