Automation 360: Automate Your Email Marketing

Looking for an amazing email marketing platform to boost conversions?

You’re on the right track to find the necessary service. In this article, we’ll share our experience of using a multichannel platform – SendPulse.

Actually, SendPulse is not the first tested by us. We’ve tried several marketing services but gave up all search after trying SendPulse.

SendPulse screenshot

Why SendPulse?

We’ve decided to try it after reading a dozen of reviews and were completely tempted when found out that the service provided users with push notifications absolutely for free.

What does SendPulse offer?

1. Bulk emails

This is the primary feature of the service. Send thousands of emails in no time and don’t let email deliverability bother you. Why? IP address of SendPulse has a good reputation that makes emails deliver.

2. Free plan

The service gives a chance to enjoy quite a generous free pricing plan. It can be used by small businesses as a full-fledged plan without any time limitations. If you have under 2,500 subscribers, send them up to 15,000 emails per month for free.

3. Forever free push notifications

Yes, web push notifications are free forever. Besides, you can get $5 for using them every month. And this is not the only reason why you should send push notifications. It’s the best way to quickly inform your subscribers about recent updates, news, new arrivals, blog posts, etc. They are hard to miss ‘cause their visibility is higher than of emails’, for example. Moreover, they’re available on all modern browsers. In addition, you don’t have to be a programmer to send them as only 1 line of code is needed. What you really need is the users’ permission to display them your push notifications.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Increase your email open rate and response with AI functionality. Technology analyses the time when your subscribers tend to open your emails and specifies the best time for every subscriber, as well as the communication channel preferred. To use the feature correctly, you have to send at least 10 email campaigns.

5. Mobility and responsive design

SendPulse homepage

SendPulse does its best to provide the customers with great user experience. You can create and send campaigns from your mobile device; and all the email templates created in SendPulse are responsive, so they will look perfectly at the smallest screen resolution. Don’t be afraid to go mobile!

6. Resend to unopened

With this feature, your emails have more chances to be read. Resend emails automatically to those who haven’t opened – just create a new subject line and enjoy new conversions.

7. Email scheduler

Afraid to forget about subscriber’s birthday or to send email campaign during non-working hours? No more worries! SendPulse allows to schedule email sending to prevent both technical and human mistakes.

8. A/B testing

A/B testing tool

You can create an A/B test for free in your account. Test a subject line, email body, sender’s address, call to action, etc. Discover the best practices for your marketing.

This is not the entire list of their features, visit the website to find out more.

Automation 360

Recently SendPulse released a new feature – Automation 360. With Automation, you can send messages which your subscribers wait for. This product helps establish and develop relationships with your clients, send relevant content to every customer at each stage of their journey, target different market segments with the help of different methods and the most pleasant thing – save time!


Marketing Automation in SendPulse is available for the most favorable price. If you still hesitate whether you need this advanced feature in your marketing – try to create an automation flow in the service as it is absolutely for free. But you can send it only on a paid plan. The cheapest tariff starts from $9.85 and allows to send emails up to 2500 subscribers. We found it to be very generous.

How to use Automation 360?

Automation 360 lets start nurture your leads from the very beginning. Send a welcome email to new subscribers, allow them to manage their buying preferences to send only relevant offers, send an abandoned cart email campaign to maximize conversions, send a reactivation campaign for those who haven’t interacted with your brand for a long time, send birthday emails with special discounts. To be brief, create advanced automation flows to automate your workflow, save time and eliminate mistakes.

How to create an automation flow?

Automation flow creation tool

Above is the working field. The main elements to drag are on the left. On the right part you can edit each of them by specifying the time, designing and other useful options.

Combine several channels of communication in one flow: email, web push notification, SMS for better performance. Every your customer has own preferences regarding a channel to receive a message from you through.

Selecting email, determine the time for sending, create a subject line and choose a template. To send SMS, you need the phone numbers, and to send push notifications, you should have clients’ permission.

How does Automation 360 help target different segments?

After a new subscriber joined your mailing list, send them a questionnaire to find out their gender, age, location, occupation and preferences. Everything depends on your industry. When you receive the data, create the corresponding segments and start mailing them. This is possible with the help of blocks Condition, Filter, Action. Analyse the effectiveness of your campaigns by counting conversions. The block Goal enables it. You can see a detailed stats regarding every your subscriber.

In Automation 360, your next steps are predetermined by your subscribers’ actions. Different content with different offers sent to each segment will boost conversions and ROI.

Think in advance with the help of trigger-based flows.

If you face any difficulties or questions while creating an email campaign, contact SendPulse tech support team via email, live chat or phone 24/7, they always give their helping hand without any canned responses.

Reach new marketing heights!