Entrepreneurs – Here are 8 Calming Apps to De-stress and Clear Your Mind

Entrepreneurs – we understand that you’re super-busy. But please do remember that you somehow need to slow down a bit to avoid burnout. There are many ways to recharge your energy (and sanity) but if you’re a tech geek who get things done via your smartphone, you’re in luck, because help is available at your fingertips. Read on.

Use your smartphone to wind down and relax. There are apps that will help you clear your mind and recharge your batteries in no time. Here are some great methods that you can use daily with a simple app, very often for free.

1. Puzzle Games

Hay Match app screenshot

Puzzle games can be very relaxing. Game developers like Match 3 create fun challenges. By matching veggies and fruit in Hay Match and other games, you get a chance to recharge your mental batteries. Puzzle games are a good asset since they help you take your mind off everything else. This will let your mind rest, and after a few rounds, you can come back to reality recharged.

2. Yoga

If you don’t want to practice yoga in a class with many other people, you can use an app to do it at home or even at your office. There are yoga practices and movements that don’t demand a training outfit and exercise mat on the floor.

Destressing entrepreneur

3. Mindfulness

By now you have certainly heard of mindfulness. Being aware of how you feel in the now sounds great but how do you do it? Get a free mindfulness app and learn how to focus and become more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

4. Meditation

You can also learn traditional meditation using an app. It is possible to sit by a desk and listen in to a routine that will let you relax and focus inward. Regular meditation can have profound effects on your general health.

5. White noise

Waterfall white noise

Babies stay asleep to white noise and you might also feel that you relax better when using an app that creates this nose for you. Some say white noise improving studies, so if you are cramming for a test you might want to use this type of background sound. Or just play the sound of running water which is a natural type of white noise.

6. Classical music

Find an app with updated classical music so that you can tune in to the timeless tunes whenever you need a break. Classical music is known to have relaxing effects but you need to pick the right kind. If you like the sound of piano better than string instruments, this is also something to consider when picking an app.

7. Guided imagery

Let your mind wander in a controlled way and influence how you feel and react using guided imagery. It is not necessary to go to a workshop when you can download an app that will guide you. This practice can help you sort your mind and have a relaxing effect.

8. Audiobook

Listen to a good book! When you sit down and hear a story, you focus only on the book. You don’t strain your eyes when you simply hear someone else telling the story. This is a wonderful activity for days when you want to do something calm and inspiring. Audiobooks are readily available online and there are apps that help you find new ones at regular intervals.

Image caption – Listen to a book and relax!