Perks An Employer Can Offer To Reduce Employee Stress

As an employer, you will always want to keep employee stress to a minimum. Although it is true that a small amount of stress can be helpful in terms of productivity and focus, it is very easy for stress to turn negative and there are many other ways to boost productivity. When your staff are too stressed it can lead to dips in performance, a negative working environment, absenteeism and high staff turnover.

It is clear why an employer needs to keep stress low, but how can you go about doing this?

Attractive office space design

Attractive Office Space

It is hard for employees to feel relaxed if they work in an unattractive office space. Ideally, this will be open plan with plenty of space, natural light, high-quality furniture and plant life which is proven to boost mental health.

Remote Working

Remote working is a smart idea because it can be beneficial for all without impacting the quality of work. For the employee, it eliminates the need to commute, allows them to balance their work and personal life and provides the comfort of working from home. For the employer, it can reduce costs and shows to staff that they are trusted which can improve morale.

Social Events

Arranging regular team-building social events out of work time can encourage team bonding and allow everyone to enjoy one another’s company. In addition to helping relieve stress, this can also develop team chemistry and create an enjoyable working environment.

Office Dog

An office dog can actually work wonders for bringing down stress levels and create a laid back and pleasant work environment. This could be your own dog that you bring home, or you could allow a staff member to bring their dogs in on occasion.

Financial wellness consulting

Financial Wellness Strategies

A lot of stress that employees feel often relates to their financial situation. You can alleviate this stress with financial wellness strategies which are designed to boost employee wellbeing which can, in turn, enhance their daily performance.

Yoga Sessions

Yoga has exploded in popularity in recent years and it is an activity which is beneficial for both mental and physical health. Many employers are finding it helpful to arrange weekly yoga lessons where an instructor comes in to teach the staff. In addition to the physical and mental health benefits, this can also be effective for bringing the team closer together and raising morale.

Employee stress is something that every employer needs to manage. Keeping this stress as low as possible is important but an ongoing process. There are many different ways to do this but the above are a few of the most effective strategies to implement. The key is to create an enjoyable working environment where staff enjoy working together and feel valued in their position.