How To Keep Business Materials Safe When Travelling

Business travel is a huge part of the operation for many companies. There are many great benefits to business travel for both business owners and employees but there is one area which needs careful attention during any kind of travel – keeping business materials safe.

Travel can be dangerous from a business standpoint as an employee is likely to be transporting important data, equipment and valuables with them through busy areas where criminals will often target business travellers.

Business travellers safety

So, how can you protect your business valuables and employees? Read on for a few tips.


Cybersecurity has become hugely important in today’s day and age and an area that every business needs to consider particularly if staff travel on a regular basis. You can boost cybersecurity for travel by keeping everything password protected, using a VPN, running the latest antivirus software and restricting access. Educate your staff on safe usage of devices while travelling to reduce the chance of a cybercrime.

Private Transport

Any kind of public transportation can be dangerous no matter where you are in the world or where you are travelling to and it is an area where criminals thrive. This means that you should use private transport where possible, such as chartering a private jet to your destination and then hiring a car or using a chauffeur.

Small Amounts of Cash

Staff should only take out small amounts of cash or use a separate business credit card for travel so that they do not lose huge sums if anything were to happen. Additionally, it is a smart idea to keep money and other valuables in a money belt and to make use of the safe when staying in a hotel.

Traveling businesswoman enjoying the view

Keep Valuables Close

It is obvious, but you need to make sure that staff understand the importance of keeping valuables close at all times. If they are working in a cafe, for example, then they should not leave a laptop or phone unattended while going to the bathroom or when they place an order.

Business Insurance

It is a smart idea to take out business insurance for any expensive equipment that they are travelling with, such as a laptop, tablet or phone. This way, if something were to happen that was not their fault then you will not lose out financially which can provide important peace of mind.

These tips should help your staff to stay safe and protect important business data, materials and equipment while travelling. There are many perks to business travel, but it can also be dangerous because they could be targeted by criminals as they know that what they are carrying could be highly valuable. This means that safety should always be a priority so you need to find ways to protect staff, equipment, data and anything else that the individual might be travelling with.