Can You Use a Debt Consolidation Loan to Repay Parent PLUS Loans?

To help parents to bear expenses for education for their kids, the federal government had launched Parent PLUS Loan scheme. According to the data of education ministry, a lot of people opt for this loan scheme. It has done a lot of benefits for many people. But, before going for this loan one has to be careful. Proper repayment planning is required for opting for this type of loan.

Despite having good repayment strategy, many people often fall into the trap of debt. At this stage, debt consolidation becomes essential. Debt consolidation is the process to opt for a new loan so that other loans can be paid with it.

Parent PLUS loan

When you feel that repayment premium for Parent PLUS loan is too high to bear with, you are right at the most crucial point when you should plan for the debt consolidation process. For debt consolidation, a few options are available for the users. Here are the options for the parents who are suffering from the immense pressure of debt.

Ask Your Children to Opt for Personal Loans

Parent PLUS Loan should be repaid the parents. Kids are not liable to pay such loans, even they become independent and self-reliant regarding financial earning. Since the amount of loan could be tremendous, kids should not escape moral responsibility for repayment of the loan, especially when they have handsome earning opportunities.

You can opt for a personal loan and also ask your children to take a personal loan for debt consolidation jointly. It makes things easier for parents, especially when they turn old and they have to bear with immense medical expenses.

Opting for Bank Loans for Debt Consolidation

When it comes to opting for debt consolidation loan, one should choose no other option than a bank loan. This is because of the ease of repayment and low-interest rate. If you are above 40 years old, getting a bank loan would not be difficult as at this age credit score remains good enough. You may not get the amount that you had wanted, but you shall get a good amount for sure, and that would be good enough for the debt consolidation process.

It is easy to repay a bank loan, as repayment terms are flexible and can be managed or planned easily. The rate of interest on repayment premium is not too high. As a result, debt can be managed in a better way without giving up small luxuries of life. For debt consolidation services you can visit here

Public loan forgiveness

Public Loan Forgiveness

When you cannot bear with repayment of Parent PLUS loan and opting for another loan for consolidation process seems inapt, you should make strategies for public loan forgiveness. Under certain circumstances, you can attain public loan forgiveness. However, you need to show that you are perfectly eligible for this.

Many people opt for being called bankrupt. Well, this is a way of avoiding repayment temporarily as your house, or other materials will be possessed by the lender if you are bankrupt. Forgiveness is completely different. It is allowed for those who are living in financial distress or making heavy expenses due to certain rare as well as fatal diseases.


Without proper repayment planning, taking a Parent PLUS loan might jeopardize your personal financial plan.  Therefore, whichever repayment option that you take, you should consult with your trusted financial advisor – before you take the loan; any loans for that matter.