4 Mistakes That You Can’t Afford To Make in Instagram Marketing Campaign

Gone are the days when Facebook was the only sole platform where people used to market their business. Especially after the recent data mining case on Facebook, you should get ready to get your hands on other sites like Instagram and Twitter because you cannot take any risks with Facebook now.

Instagram marketing is competitively better and easier than the other social media sites and the major reason behind it is that Instagram is a image sharing site and producing good and unique content for this platform is easier.

Instagram marketing mistakes to avoid

Now, if you are someone who has just stepped in the marketing game them first of all you have to decide a single platform to begin with. And as far as our suggestion is concerned, well, we will always advise you to start with Instagram because again, it’s easier here.

When we say that Instagram marketing is easy, we actually do mean it but there are few things about this site too that you have to consider and work on because let’s face it that no matter what the platform is, you will have to put some efforts to see the results.

Before telling you what to do on Instagram for better marketing we will first jot down what not to do here. So, take notes of what we are about to tell and make sure that you don’t make any of these mistakes here.

1. No or poor use description in your bio

Know that the description that you put down in your bio is a major factor that defines you, your page and your business or whatever product you are selling and this is the main reason why you cannot mess up with the bio. You have to make sure that whatever description you are writing,it is unique, it is attractive and it makes the users check all of your page.

2. Poor resolution of photos

Instagram is all about images and photos and well, this is the only part where you have to put all your focus on but if you are going to upload photos that have a very bad resolution then know that your followers aren’t going to increase ever. If you genuinely want to grab the attention of users then you have to put some efforts in posting good pictures that have good resolutions. Also if you want to increase your followers rapidly then you can even buy them from the Buzzdayz.

Instagram apps

3. All your photos look exactly the same

Another major mistake that you can make in Instagram marketing is if you upload the same content. Like, your photos should have something different for the users. You cannot just keep the base of your images same or else your users will get bored and this is not what any marketer wants. So, make sure every post and image of yours and something different for the audience.

4. You are posting inconsistently

If you are being super active for 3 days and then the rest of the days you are just gone from the platform then know that this isn’t going to work for you. You have to post and stay active consistently to tell your audience that yes you are present here. If you aren’t going to give the users something to get engaged with then you are most probably going to fail.

These are the 4 major mistakes that no one should ever make with Instagram marketing. So, make sure you are also not doing anything wrong with your Instagram page and if you want results then make sure that you are putting all your efforts in the content.