Benefits of Using Personalised Envelopes for Your Business

Many have long underestimated the positive impact that a business can enjoy by employing something as simple as personalise envelopes in its daily correspondence. Whether it’s used for mail to potential customers and clients, or to other businesses, the right envelope is a powerful tool a business’ arsenal.

There are so many options to choose from – spend a few minutes browsing around a dedicated online printing service, such as can be found at, and you will see the impressive number of available options.

TAFICH personalised envelope design
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There are numerous benefits to be found through the use of personalised envelopes, which will be discussed in more detail in a moment, but it’s something that every business should be taking advantage of. Personalised envelopes are some of the easier ways to concisely convey your message and ethos.

A Hidden Promotional Tool

The first benefit of a personalised envelope is that you have an easy way to quickly communicate with the recipient. That means you can tailor your envelopes depending on who you intend to send them to, be it potential or existing customers, or other businesses you’re working in conjunction with.

Personalised envelope
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It’s a subtle thing, but people instantly feel more inclined to open an envelope if there is something unique about it. Think how many dull white envelopes you’ve received in the last six months, have you ever been excited about the contents?


Your customers will feel the same way. With your unique logo, branding, and colours, a personalised envelope is a perfect way to concisely promote your business.

Think of personalised envelopes as a cost effective marketing tool that is the ideal addition to any upcoming mail shot you may be planning. Customers will be more likely to open and read the contents if you place a few minutes’ worth of effort into the presentation.

Mini envelope
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Aside from promotion however, you can use envelope customisation to improve the efficiency with which you run your business. For example, you can easily break up your daily outgoing mail into convenient categories based on customised colour coding, making life a lot easier.


Businesses are often quick to assume that a digital marketing campaign is the best choice to reach new customers, but, with technology playing an ever increasing role in society more and more people warmly appreciate old fashioned physical marketing.

It couldn’t be easier to design your own envelopes, allowing you to promote your brand and your business to the wider world with every piece of correspondence you send.