3 Tips For Starting a Wedding Blog

A wedding blog can be one of the best points of entry for the industry. Not only do you get a wide range of people to work with, but an amazing mix of topics to cover as well. And if this has been something of interest to you, then there are a few considerations you should take before breaking ground. Check them out below:

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Start With Brand Development

If you’re going to be launching a wedding blog, then one of the first things you need to focus on is your brand. A big part of this industry is the image you convey, as well as what that means to customers. For example, if I was a wedding blog with more of a rustic feel versus that of being in a city. And while you might be thinking that whatever you come up with will suffice, there’s a lot of detail when it comes to conceiving a brand that will resonate off the bat.

To begin, start asking yourself what you feel like your brand stands for, as well as why it exists amongst the wedding blog field. This can be a tough ask (especially as a blog), however, is a necessity to be successful from the start. Additionally, this also includes boiling down your skillset or aesthetic to explain why it’s different than the rest of the wedding field off the bat. The overall idea of what you’re after will start to come to fruition, which means you can begin the process of sketching this thing out.

Once you’ve got a solid grasp on the general idea of your brand, start looking at the details, including the name and logo design. Try to hone in on every detail you can, no matter how big or small, as these items are going to compile into an overall view of your brand. In fact, as noted by LucidPress, color is knowing to increase brand recognition by 80 percent, which is a pretty staggering figure considering. However, as stressful as this process might become, it’s also one that once you’re done with, it’s smooth sailing, so keep it patient while carving out your brand.

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Find Excellent Content Partners

Once you feel confident about your overall branding, the next step is to reach out to content partners in the wedding industry you feel passionate about working with. Not only will these people help you garner a following from their audiences, but you’ll additionally start to gain a sense of brand authority, which is an important aspect of future successes; because as noted by Vision Critical, authenticity is second only to loyalty discounts in importance when choosing what companies to support. And for your blog, utilizing the strength of others can bring a tremendous amount of attention off the bat.

When seeking partners, focus on those who you feel are doing something exceptional in the industry. Especially if you’re going to be writing about them, it’s always a strong choice to go after those who you passionately feel is doing something exceptional. For example, if I were doing a feature on what sorority dress you could wear to a wedding, finding top-quality partners who produce the best dresses would be crucial. All-in-all, make your best effort to seek out those that you feel will help you grow, as that’s going to be the best cursor to what’s worth your time.

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Get Social With It

Finally, as one of the most crucial aspects of having a wedding blog is promotion, social media will be your best friend. As noted by Social Media Today, approximately 40 million people use Pinterest to plan their wedding, which is a pretty staggering figure considering the sheer number of couples getting married. However, as social is primary research, it goes without saying that this is one place your blog should be.

If you haven’t already, starting establishing your social accounts, including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Additionally, make your messaging on here cohesive to your brand, honing in on the aspects that you first want to be introductory materials for your audience. Another important piece to note is how often you post, which should be on a consistent level, working towards at least once a day or so. Your overall social channels are going to be one of the most significant points you have to inbound traffic, so hone in on where your strong points are and stick to it consistently, as that’s one of the biggest ways to start garnering a following.

What are you most excited about for your wedding blog? Comment with your answers below!