Best Tips for Successful Onboarding

While hiring a new employee is typically an exciting time, the onboarding process can also be extremely hectic. Onboarding a new hire can be especially difficult for small businesses, who operate with a small but trusted group of employees.

Bringing a new person into the mix can be nerve-racking for a number of reasons, and it isn’t uncommon for employers to wonder if they made the right decision. However, onboarding a new employee doesn’t have to be complicated. You can make the hiring process as simple as possible by using onboarding software.

Employee onboarding

Here are a few tips to make the onboarding process go smoothly.

Let Your Team Know

You wouldn’t want to unexpectedly spring the news that you’ve hired a new employee onto your team, so be sure to make an announcement in advance. Not only will your team appreciate hearing about the new hire ahead of time, but they will be more prepared to get acquainted with the new employee on their first day.

You can also consider sending out an email to your new hire, welcoming them to the team. In this email, be sure to include any information they may need upon arriving for their first day of work, including the email addresses and phone numbers of their fellow team members.

Doing this will help both your new hire and your existing team feel more comfortable and put them at ease regarding the big change.

Prepare Your New Hire

After your new hire accepts the position and agrees on a start date, be sure to keep in contact with them in the time between the interview and their first day on the job. Even just sending quick, friendly emails leading up to the day they arrive can really make a new team member feel welcome. This is especially important if your new hire is relocating for the position, since they may not yet know anyone in the area.

Keeping an open line of communication with your new hire before they even start is crucial to making sure the onboarding process runs smoothly.

Onboarding process
photo credit: Cydcor / Flickr

The First Day

Once your new hire arrives for their first day, be sure to make the experience as welcoming as possible. Your new employee’s first impression of you and your team will set the tone for the rest of their time at your company, so make sure their experience is a positive and productive one.

Before they arrive, make sure their desk or office is clean and ready for them. Before your new employee starts their day, be sure to give them a tour of the office and personally introduce them to their fellow team members. Additional efforts, like providing them with desk supplies and having healthy snacks at work will make your new hire feel even more welcome, and shows that you prepared for their arrival.

When it comes to onboarding a new hire, put yourself in their shoes and consider how you would like to be treated at a new job, then be sure to implement those things into your onboarding process!