4 Online Platforms for Designing Personal & Career Growth

One of my favorite life mentors is Michael Hyatt. He is an accomplished leader and entrepreneur, backed by decades of publishing industry experience. One of the points he likes to make is that humans can design their life, starting with their year. So, I can design my 2018 instead of just letting the 12 -— or the remaining 7 -— months happen to me.

Design your own life

Come to think of it, his approach is admirable and even desirable. And imagine if the year is the big picture and your career is one of those elements that complete it. That means you can also design your career growth — alongside your personal development. You can make it happen instead of waiting for a promotion or a raise or just someone to validate your work.

As for me, I love scouring online platforms to find the right programs and tools that will help me achieve my goals. Sharing with you some of the best ones I know so far.


EDx website

EDx is one of those education technology or ed-tech platforms that have gained popularity and reputation among global students. First, it is because it has given learners everywhere easy access to and a glimpse of the high-quality education offered by the world’s best universities and learning institutions. Second, there are massive open online courses for multiple areas of interest.

Want to learn more about music history or theoretical physics? Though not exactly as I said, there are classes for those! And you can complete many of them at your own pace. More importantly, majority of the online courses are free. For a minimal fee, you get a certificate to seal your participation and performance in a course. The great thing about EDx is that you can join in the forum, meet likeminded individuals, and pursue your own personal and career development without the usual time and location constraints.


ZeoLearn website

If learning by watching is not your thing, then ZeoLearn might be a good fit. Here, you learn by doing through interactive, hands-on sessions and live mentorship from industry experts. So yes, you are not going to code by following a recorded video. You are going to immerse yourself in the process while an instructor leads the training.

What’s also good to highlight about ZeoLearn is that it asks the perfect questions, such as “What’s your professional milestone in mind?” and “Where would you like to be?” And there will be course advisers who will help you process your thoughts. This platform is all about boosting your chances of reaching the higher rungs of the ladder. If you want to build working apps in as short time as possible, check out its MeanStack classroom training. If you want to upskill and have something to show for it, try the Web Development online course.

Safari Books Online

O'Reilly Safari Books Online

This digital library prides itself as the most comprehensive technology and business learning platform in the world. Its value propositions include providing users with access to unlimited resources such as books, audio books, and videos. It also showcases case studies from well-known innovators like Facebook, Airbnb, and IBM. Moreover, Safari Books Online rolls out a unique experience for each member. Recommendations are tailored according to your learning needs.

The resources come from respected names in publishing from O’Reilly and Pearson to Harvard Business Review and Wharton Digital Press. For a small investment for your personal and career growth, you can get your hands on these excellent materials. Need answers real-time? You can pitch your questions during the live online training as well.

The School of Life

The School of Life website

This online platform caters to the so-called soft skills, which involve emotional intelligence. The classes taught here hone you so you can deal with life issues better. It offers free reading and thinking materials to start with. You can also sign up for talk therapy or bibliotherapy in case you need to heal from something.

Founded by Alain de Botton, a popular speaker whose TED Talk I had the chance to watch, the School of Life offers an array of programs and services. These cover the search for fulfilling work, mastering relationships, and understanding and changing the world. De Botton heads the school with faculty that includes philosophers Mark Vernon and Robert Rowland Smith, and writer John Armstrong.