Everything You Should Know about Data Extraction Kit for Outlook

Nowadays, email has become a common business attribute. It is used by everyone, from IT specialists to managers of different ranks. Speaking of e-mail services, we should mention that it is one of the main communication tools that make up the e-commerce infrastructure, which largely explains the rapid growth of traffic and the number of email users in the business world today.

Data extraction tool for Outlook

It is an email where all the business correspondence is carried out. Furthermore, task and time planning information, calendar, scheduled events, and contact list – all these data is accurately stored in our email account. Therefore, when it comes to switching to a different email provider or changing an email address, many users fall into panic – much information can be lost.

If you are not using a migration tool – like this one: https://www.outlooktransfer.com/products/data-extraction-kit-for-outlook/ – an email switch can be a disaster. Why? Let us get all this straightened out.

What Is Special about Data Extraction Kit for Outlook?

Any corporate email migration is a rather complex and lengthy process. The larger the enterprise is, the more difficult the task is. Thorough preparation is necessary for the implementation of such an email; however, it is sometimes impossible to avoid the problems associated with data loss. This is where Data Extraction Kit for Outlook from Outlook transfer can help you.

Data extraction tool

The main aim of the tool is to provide hassle-free message export, with flexible reporting on the entire email base associated with the account. In other words, a user can do a lot more than just extracting emails from the PST files:

  • Email transfer – export any amount of data from Microsoft Outlook to any other program. There are no limits here. This complex task will be performed with no important piece of information being lost.
  • Email conversion – if you for some reason need to have a particular set of emails to be converted to a different format, Data Extraction Kit will do that for you.
  • Email archive – it is always a good idea to have a backup of important emails stored somewhere at a safe place. Consider email archiving function of Data Extraction Kit to protect your business or personal correspondence from potential threats.
  • Email report – generate flexible reports covering the whole email archive of yours. With Data Extraction & Analysis Kit, everything is easy. Only the minimum involvement from your side will be necessary.
  • Password recovery – if you want to recover your Outlook password and backup your account data, Data Extraction Kit is the right solution. The program will do the backup for you and will help you instantly reveal your account credentials. And no hack is necessary for it.

The last but not the least, Data Extraction Kit for Outlook from Outlook Transfer is easy to use. The program has an intuitive interface and requires no special skills and knowledge from a user.