Advantages of SaaS for Your Business

Advantages of SaaS for Your Business

According to BetterCloud’s State of the SaaS-Powered Workplace 2017 Survey, 94% of IT professionals reported significant benefits after adopting SaaS in their organization. The study also found that 38% of companies operate solely using SaaS tools. Studies have shown that the rate of SaaS adoption continues to increase year-over-year.


If you’re not familiar with software as a service or SaaS, it’s a cloud-hosted software service that businesses can purchase on a subscription basis. For more sophisticated software applications like screen printing software or a grants management system, SaaS has become quintessential to business operations.

On-premise software may offer more proprietary control, but SaaS can be a much safer and cost-effective investment in the long-run. If your organization is thinking about investing in software, consider the benefits that SaaS offers for business of all sizes.

Low Cost Entry

SaaS providers typically offer tiered packages where companies can choose the software applications that make the most sense for their business. The provider will install the software on-site using the cloud and give businesses instant access.

With a SaaS package, businesses can save money on developing their own software, maintaining it, upgrading it, and even powering their own servers. This saves money on time, labor, and utilities, as well as the hefty initial investment of development that can total tens of thousands of dollars.


The true genius behind the SaaS model is the ability to scale by tier for software features that become increasingly necessary for your business as you grow. Being hosted in the cloud, businesses no longer need to worry about purchasing new servers and upgrading their network to account for the amount of users that will log in to access these software applications.

Constant Upgrades

The biggest cost associated with hosting on-premise software is constantly refining it to scale with your business and the new services you require. Under the SaaS model, businesses no longer have to worry about maintaining and upgrading their software. Most importantly, they have instant access to the latest features available.

IT Support and Security

While many businesses remain skeptical of cloud security, it’s generally been acknowledged to be safer than most on-premise software. Data will be backed up by your service provider, even in the event of an emergency. While not perfect, many businesses simply don’t have the IT support required to maintain cyber security at their firms.

Universal Access

Finally, SaaS applications come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from PC to mobile apps. All that’s required to access them is a simple internet connection.

With a cloud-hosted solution, data will always be available whether you’re in the office or on-the-go and all internal changes will be backed up in the cloud.


Many businesses are beginning to realize the utility and cost-benefits of investing in a SaaS tool kit. From increased flexibility to greater security, the choice seems obvious.

The state of SaaS in 2017 - key takeaway infographic
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