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Best of British: 5 Niche SMEs That Fly The UK Flag

Britain’s no longer the industrial behemoth of a century ago — but it’s still home to a host of innovative and eclectic firms.

And according to the Federation of Small Businesses, SMEs employ 16.1 million workers in the sceptred isle — that’s 60 per cent of all private sector employment.

So it’s worth reviewing the best of British — five niche SMEs that fly the UK flag.

1. Morgan

Morgan Roadster

Morgan Roadster – photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

High-performance sports car manufacturer The Morgan Motor Company was established in 1909 by H.F.S. Morgan and its first design was a thrilling three-wheeler.

But its classic, curvaceous 4-4 model was launched in 1936 is still manufactured today — making it the world’s longest-running production car.

Their artisan vehicles are built to stringent standards upheld for over 100 years and offer fans of automobile history the chance to own vintage-style cars with cutting-edge performance.

2. Penmann

Using Penmann systems

Maintaining the quality of British delicacies like pastries and ice cream depends on the appliance of science during the production process.

And food process cooling and ventilation experts Penmann have over 40 years experience designing, delivering and installing bespoke solutions that improve efficiency, maintain health and safety and ensure legal compliance.

They’ve worked with everyone from small specialist producers to large multinationals over the years — making a valuable contribution to food chain safety and security.

3. SOSneaky

Ross Paterson of SOSneaky

Ross Paterson, Owner of SOSneaky – photo credit: Dunfermline Press

Trainer enthusiasts will claim that the right pair of kicks coordinate with any outfit — it’s not uncommon to spot trendy males matching self-coloured sports shoes with a suit.

But the style and functionality of good trainers is sometimes their undoing — they’re so comfortable and snazzy that over-wear causes rapid deterioration.

SOSneaky provides the solution to this common problem by offering a specialist trainer refurbishment service that restores your favourite pairs to their former glory and extends their lifespans. Whether you’re a casual fan or an obsessive collector, this niche business could become indispensable.

4. Sitescapes


The exterior physical environment around commercial or industrial premises can have a subtle yet powerful effect on employee motivation and first impressions of new customers.

So site-landscaping specialists Sitescapes have developed an excellent reputation for creating bespoke landscaping solutions featuring natural turf, woodwork, trees, plants and shrubs.

An ambient green space really adds another dimension to any commercial premises — whether its main function is decorative, it’s used as an entertainment space or accessed by employees to maintain their wellbeing.

5. British Beard Kings

British Beard Kings

photo credit: British Beard Kings

Humble facial hair has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years — with everyone from teenagers to middle-aged men attempting to outdo one another with ever more gargantuan growths.

But beards require considerable upkeep to remain neat and hygienic, so organic beard care manufacturer British Beard Kings supplies quality beard oil, beard shampoo and moustache wax to the hirsute masses.

By spotting a gap in the market spurred by a sustained fashion, this firm meets its clientele’s needs precisely.

These five niche SMEs exemplify the breadth of UK entrepreneurialism — that’s why they’re best of British.

What’s your favourite niche UK SME? Share your stories in the comments section.

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