5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need Managed IT Support for Your Small Business

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly relying on technology, both software and hardware of various kinds to run their operations. This has led to the rise of importance in having someone to oversee the businesses’ IT.

Managed IT support has become an indispensable aspect to help them with its running. According to Statista, in North America, the projected scope of the managed security services industry from from 2011 to 2019 is likely to be over $6,295 million dollars. These figures point to the fact that companies are recognizing the need for specialist companies to manage their IT functions.

Hiring managed IT support service provider

But, What Exactly is Managed IT Support?

When you hire the services of expert managed IT support company, it will undertake the working of the technical aspects of your company. The IT company executives will be responsible for providing the equipment you need as well its maintenance and working. For instance, you’ll need desktop computers, servers, and mobile devices including phones you may want to assign to your employees along with laptops and tablets.

For the charge of a monthly fee, the IT company will also assist you with the software you need and deal with any bugs and glitches that may arise. In addition, you can rely on the expertise of the company’s professionals for a range of other services that ensure the streamlined functioning of your company, as follow:

1. Website Development and Digital Marketing

Like the professionals at the SEO company Orange County advise, you can rely on your IT company to take care of the marketing aspects of your business including developing a high-grade interactive website that can act as a digital storefront for your company.

Simply creating the website is not enough, you’ll also need advanced SEO to place your company on the leading pages of search engines so prospective consumers can find it easily and get in touch with you for products and services. Considering that close to 80% of consumers use Google searches to find the products they need, digital marketing is an essential aspect for the success of your business. And, managed IT support can make that happen for you.

2. Protecting Your Company from Data Breaches

Data breaches are a real threat to the security and survival of your company. The folks at TechRepublic warn that 66% of small businesses are unable to sustain the losses incurred in case of a data breach and are likely to close down within 6 months.

To prevent such situations from arising, your managed IT support company will install the necessary security solutions and also train your employees on the precautions they can take. This training can include following multi-layered password protocols and exercising extreme caution when using company-assigned equipment outside of the workplace.

3. Keeping Close Watch on the Equipment Usage

In addition to protecting your company from security issues, the IT services also monitor the usage of your hardware and software and ensure smooth functioning. The vigilance supervisors will keep track of any possible misuse and human errors that can cause data breaches and the disruption of normal operations. In addition, you will need adequate, efficient, and secure cloud storage to avoid any loss of data and important customer and vendor details that are needed for receipts and deliveries.

Discussing with an IT consultant

4. Promoting Efficiency for Higher Profits

Using technology to manage accounting, keep records of inventory, administrative tasks, and management of your human resources can improve the efficiency of your company operations. You will find that your employees can get a higher volume of work done quicker freeing up their time for additional tasks. Workers can perform as integrated teams with each member supporting the other to accomplish projects ahead of time. All of these factors can contribute to better productivity and higher profits for your company.

The one way to make it possible is to hire the services on an reliable managed IT support company. Through the system and policies that can foster efficiency, IT managers can help decision makers in increasing profits through efficiency.

5. High-Grade Expert Consultancy

Most company owners and entrepreneurs are typically excellent at the production side of the business, coming up with new product ideas, and possibly, sales and marketing. However, the IT aspect can only be provided by experts who can guide you on the best hardware and software solutions you need.

When you call in the consultants from the managed IT support company, they’ll make suggestions for added equipment like VoIP phones, advanced security solutions, and various others that can help you company thrive and grow. Like this article on TechTarget reassures you, all of these services are provided within the budget constraints you may have as a fledgling company.


Explore the possibility of getting expert IT services for your company and you’ll be surprised at how efficiently they can help you run your business. Rely on their support for the continued long-term success of your new enterprise.