InventureX: How They Can Jumpstart Your Entrepreneurial Journey

InventureX: How They Can Jumpstart Your Entrepreneurial Journey

If you watched ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” last season, you heard the phrase “crowdfunding” a lot. The entrepreneurs on the show make it look easy to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars on platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, but the truth is that it’s really tough for the right people to discover your idea.

InventureX is a marketing company specializing in crowdfunding campaigns since 2012. Putting them in your corner is the best way to meet your fundraising goals.

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How Crowdfunding Can Help Entrepreneurs

Traditionally, would-be entrepreneurs need to sell their idea to a bank or angel investor to the point that they put up hundreds of thousands of dollars to turn it into a reality. The money is far from free, as you usually need to give up a lot of your equity to finalize a deal.

Crowdfunding is an alternative method of raising the capital you need to launch a business. Instead of seeking a huge sum from a traditional lender, you instead solicit smaller contributions from multiple backers over the internet. One $100 contribution won’t be enough to launch your company, but several thousand is more than enough.

Better yet, your backers won’t be expecting equity that could turn out to be worth millions. Instead, you can “pre-sell” your idea and deliver your product or service at no additional charge when it’s ready. This incentivizes backers since they can become the first to have something cool, while protecting your equity so that your company remains yours.

Best of all, crowdfunding is flexible. You can offer early adopters a limited edition production run that will never be available again, or even let them have some input over the final design of a product. This encourages potential backers with deep pockets to contribute more while reassuring those of modest means that their contributions are important too.

How InventureX Helps With Crowdfunding

Unfortunately, most pitches on Indiegogo and Kickstarter fail to reach their stated fundraising goal in their specified time frame. Backers are only charged once a company has enough contributors to become viable, so any money you raised simply vanishes if you fall short. Talk about a disappointing waste of time!

InventureX has an 86 percent success rate in helping their clients meet or exceed their stated goal, helping to ensure that your efforts will not be in vain. They do this by generating pre-launch buzz for your idea followed by targeted Facebook ads and a viral social media marketing campaign to make sure that the right people see what you’re up to.

The company can also help with your branding, ensuring that your message really resonates with your target audience. This usually includes shooting a promotional video, a vital step that often goes awry if attempted without any relevant experience or expertise.

Most importantly, InventureX can help you set the right goal. Aim too high, and you’ll end up with nothing because you couldn’t hit it. Aim too low, and you won’t have the resources to produce whatever you promised to your backers. That often leads to a costly legal struggle that your fledgling company is unlikely to survive.

Many Positive Reviews

Numerous companies have already exceeded their fundraising goals thanks in part to the services of InventureX. For example, serial entrepreneur Agam Berry recently praised the company on his personal Medium account. He lauded the company’s willingness to help entrepreneurs develop a business plan that shows investors where their money will go as an important step for any business.

Likewise, noted the increasing popularity of crowdfunding in their recent InventureX review. The competition is fiercer than ever before, so a company like InventureX can help you stand out from the pack.

Finally, discussed the process of actually working with InventureX in their recent review. The company reviews each potential client’s idea before agreeing to represent them, providing a vital vetting function that potential investors appreciate.

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