5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in 360 Video

In the past decade, technological advancements have brought people closer together. Social media platforms and instant messaging applications virtually connect everyone in the world. Now, the growing popularity of immersive content brings this experience to new heights.

360 video production is fast becoming a must-have whether you’re a marketer who wants to offer experiential brand content or a company who looks into applying virtual reality for employee training. The following are the top reasons why it’s time to invest in 360 video.

1. The demand is here

Each year, the number of owners of VR headsets continues to grow. Also, the price of these devices has gone down significantly since the initial models. This means more people are getting acquainted with VR content and the edge they have over regular video. The increase in demand for VR devices is being met with more affordable options, providing a win-win situation for both content creators and consumers.


2. The production process has been streamlined

During its infancy stages, it proved difficult to start shooting 360 video. The required equipment and software was expensive, turning off marketers and business owners without deep pockets. Today, it has never been easier to hop on the trend.

Entry-level 360 cameras are affordable, allowing you to take your first step of the creative process without a huge capital. 360 video production software like Viond also makes it easy to stitch 360 video footage and add interactive elements to make the final product even more engaging.

3. Create immersive experiential marketing campaigns

The applications of VR and 360 video extend across different industries. If you’re already using experiential marketing, you can take things up a notch by leveraging 360 video. This new tech isn’t only engaging but transportive as well, putting viewers in the middle of the action and giving them a taste of what it’s like to be in the destination.

Whether you want to increase summer rentals, show off your restaurant, or create a virtual tour of your manufacturing facility, 360 video offers an excellent solution to boost your campaigns.

4. Set up cost-effective employee training

Training employees can be a tricky process. You have to allot resources such as time, money, and manpower. Not to mention, there’s always the risk of trainees making costly mistakes which could interfere with your daily operations. With VR, you can set up a distraction-free environment while immersing trainees in interactive training.

A myriad of interactive elements can be added to the 360 video with which employees can interact, engage, and experiment, providing them with a training experience that’s as close to the real-word setting as possible.

5. Deliver real-time 360 video

Online users spend hours livestreaming, and you can get a piece of the action by delivering 360 video in real time. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using. Broadcasting on YouTube, Facebook, or any social media platform is possible. The same applies to different devices. Investing in a high-quality 360 video camera opens the door to live streaming immersive content on smartphones and desktop computers, ensuring that you can cater to all the needs of your target audience.

BMW 360 video screenshot

Clearly, 360 video has a place in every industry. It’s high time to get into this cutting-edge technology and begin producing content that will set you apart from the competition.