Arshad Madhani’s 4 Tips To Helping Entrepreneurs Unwind

Ever found yourself too busy to have any free time? Or perhaps you’ve been so preoccupied with business responsibilities that you’re starting to feel overwhelmed? This would be a great time to disconnect from your entrepreneurial role, unwind, and do away with stress.

It’s at this point that you could use the inspiration of Arshad Madhani, a digital marketing mogul with a decade’s worth of experience under his belt. As someone who’s worked his way to the top of a highly-competitive sector, he knows a thing or two about the grueling ride that is being an entrepreneur. Although no two business ventures are exactly alike, just about any business owner can benefit from his advice. As it turns out, he recently shared his tip tips for unwinding while running a business.

Meditating entrepreneur

Go Off Grid

This can be quite the frightening prospect in a world that’s so heavily influenced by connectivity, but crucial nevertheless. It’s said that huge distractions tend to come in tiny doses. In your case, it could be the information nuggets constantly popping up on your devices — the inability to wean yourself of these can send a respite period into a downward spiral.

All work and no play (i.e. unwinding) won’t get you farther ahead in business. Keeping that in mind should help you deal with the worries of going off grid, but you embrace this with the seriousness it deserves. This means making time for relaxation in your schedule, a period during which you should stay unplugged from all work-related communications. Be sure to notify your associates of this in advance.

Exercising business people

Get Plenty of Physical Activity

When was the last time you got physically active? No matter what the answer is, it can be hard to justify spending time off work so you can work out. Even so, it’san inevitable part of staying healthy — both in mind and body. It’s therefore fair to say that exercise is a key ingredient of your success strategy.

Back to the context of relaxation, any activity that gets your blood flowing will also release stress and boost your mood in the process. Added up, these two equate to the best version of yourself, which is why you should make exercise part of your standard routine. This could be by taking up a gym membership or creating your own setup at home. Either way, do whatever it will take to stay committed for the long run.

Give Meditation a Try

The fact that you’re in charge of a growing venture means your plate is always full of pressing priorities. Even in the best of days, there may be so many things on your mind that it becomes impossible to fully focus on any of them. The only way to stop this from degenerating into a mental wildfire is to clear your mind like you would a cluttered space.

It’s here that meditation comes in to slow down, relax, and free your mind of clutter (read unnecessary thoughts). This could be as easy as taking a few minutes off your workday so you can search for peace within, but you could also try:

  • Yoga: As a combination of breathing, exercise and meditation, yoga sounds like the perfect solution for your stress puzzle. This can be as easy as taking a few minutes off your workday for a yoga session, but you could also head out to a class as well.
  • A walking meditation: A casual stroll in the park can go a long way in releasing stress from your body/mind. To turn this into a meditation practice, try synchronizing your breathing pattern with your walking rhythm. Just make sure to keep all your attention focused on the activity alone.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways to meditate — anything that takes you off the mental treadmill so you can find inner peace can fall within this definition.

Planting flowers as a pastime

Take Up a Hobby

Whether you think of your business as a passion, it’s only human to pursue interests outside your professional life. Everyone needs some time to enjoy the small things that life has to offer, after all. Additionally, it’s been studied that having a hobby can improve one’s performance in their respective niche. So, don’t feel bad about making time for a pastime that might seem too simple for someone as busy as yourself.

This could be an activity that you already love (and which doesn’t fall within your entrepreneurial realm), but you can also try your hand at something else. As earlier mentioned, nothing is too strange or silly to fall within the definition of a hobby. As such, your options here will only be limited by your imagination and preferences.

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