Avoid These 7 SEO Pitfalls to Rank Better

SEO still exists to be the “talk of the town” in the digital arena! It has garnered so much attention from businesses, bloggers and everybody, who has even the minutest links with online content.

So, where do you stand and does it still work?

Do you stand in the group who still is in the dark about SEO? Or, do you think you know everything about it? Well, if it is the later one, then let us tell you that you are so wrong! SEO is like an endless pit of information. You cannot possibly know all about it!

SEO strategy

We are here to discuss the pitfalls that many have no idea about! If you avoid these pitfalls, then no one can possibly stop you from gaining a better rank. If you want packages on SEO in Australia, have a look at agencies like Low Cost SEO. They will help you in making your content optimized for search engines.

What are the SEO Pitfalls that you need to avoid at all costs?

Ranking is crucial for any content! A fall in the ranks can spell disaster for your company and content. So, you would want to go in prepared. To know all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), read up on Wikipedia! Other than that, you also need to be well versed in the mistakes that could hamper your ranking.

Without the right ranking how do you plan on finding desired visibility? You can forget about brand visibility and success. The experts at the SEO agencies will definitely guide you, but why not look a bit learned? It can never harm you in any way! In fact you could end up impressing the staff at the SEO agencies. It is always a good idea to know a bit about what you are dealing with!

Avoid SEO pitfalls

Here are some of the pitfalls that need to be avoided for a good ranking:

1. Scarcity of Quality Content

This is perhaps the cardinal sin of content! You can never offer content that is below standard quality. It is true that you need to concentrate on user experience, but that does not mean you forget about optimization.

A pointer, never go below 400 words for your content! The bots of the search engine will be searching for the best, so you need to offer the best.

2. Duplication

If your schools and colleges did not allow duplication, why would the search engines? We are not talking about duplication of content from other sites! We are talking about duplicate content on more than one page of your own website. Do you really want a civil war on your hands? Of course, there will be one! Why? Well, because your pages will be fighting an internal battle to get better ranking, which could even lead to a penalty! So, be careful that same content is not repeated twice.

3. Inapt Keyword

Did you know that keyword is a major aspect for gaining a better ranking? You need to give time to find the appropriate keywords. In a rush do not choose a keyword that is used the most!

Try to find a keyword that describes your product appropriately. The wrong keyword can affect your brand’s good name and lead to a fall in ranking. It would be a good idea to conduct some keyword research before choosing the keywords!

Sleepy businesswoman reading boring content

4. Boring Content

No one wants to read boring content! You need to make it interesting with images, videos and quotes and even some info graphics. These things matter, when you are trying to give your rankings a boost. If you do not produce engaging content, then how do you think you will be able to hold their interest? You will never be able to do so! (your not bored right!)

5. Overstuffing with Keywords

Overstuffing keywords, Over…  oh you get it! An overstuffed turkey does not enhance the taste in any way! So, why do you think keyword stuffed content would be helpful? In fact it can ruin the experience of the readers. Other than this, you also need to be careful of Google’s algorithms. They are getting smarter day by day. You could be penalized for keyword stuffing. So, be careful and include variations of the keyword!

6. Attempt to Reach Broader Audience

This is a major problem that many have to face! They forget that a broader audience does not mean better ranking. In fact it can mean the opposite.

Many include generic keywords, hoping to attracting more audience. The truth is that this excess traffic may never convert! It would be better to attract target audience, who will convert and help improve rankings!

7. Inappropriate Backlinks

Link building is a major part of optimization, but you have to think about what pages you are linking your content to. Links to irrelevant pages or maybe spam websites cause a lot of problem. In fact these can ruin your websites ranking! So, make sure that all the links are proper and relevant from reputed sites like Wikipedia.



Now, you are ready to work with Google’s algorithm and ranking system! If you still have any doubts, talk to the experts at the SEO Lead Generation agencies. Build a name for your content and gain better rankings! After all, that is the ultimate reason for optimization of your content!