Growing Your Small Business – Tips and Ideas to Get to The next Level

Running a small business can often feel like you’re just treading water. You’re trying to keep customers flowing in, but also trying to keep on top of your services, costs, fees, products, profits – if any, and all the while contending with that voice of doubt in your mind that’s telling you it’ll all go wrong.

So, if you’re wondering how you can take your small business to the next level, then read on for some tips and helpful ideas.

Bakery shopper and shop clerk

Make shopping with you a pleasure

If your business is located on a high street, or in retail or industrial park, then you’ll know that these places can be huge! Make shopping and buying with you so much easier by installing parking signs like these, that are specifically for your customers.

If any potential client or customer has to walk across town or an entire retail park to reach you, then that alone could put them off. Particularly if they just want to “nip in”, make shopping with a pleasure and make your customers feel special. Something as simple as this, will have them coming back for the convenience too!

Keep an eye on your competition

It’s only natural to want to do everything off your own back, do it all your way and make it an absolute success. Not because you’re stubborn, but because you want your hard work to pay off and want the validation that YOU can be the success you always knew you could be.

With that in mind, if business is becoming a little slow, or you’re worried about approaching a quieter period of business, then there’s nothing wrong with checking out what your competitors are doing. Don’t be afraid to study and analyse what is working for them – there’s a lot to learn about business and if they’ve been doing this longer than you, chances you can learn something.

Go and be a customer yourself, check out their website or social media pages – make notes of what they’re doing, that you’re not.

Stay focused

Most businesses fail within the first year. And that’s is usually down to the owner loosing heart and confidence in their product because it isn’t instantly flying off the shelves. You must be patient, they say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are the big name brands or big businesses!

Recording invoices

Keep everything recorded

Whether that’s a spreadsheet of your outgoings, or a file filled with invoices and product receipts, keeping everything organised will help make your business a success. You’ll see things more clearly and know where your business stand in a financial sense. It’ll also reduce stress too!

Get connected

Head to local business advice meetings, go to open days at the local college or university, head to charity events, head to the local market maybe set up a stall for the day. Getting out in the local community means that people know your face and will in turn get to know your business! Don’t be shy!