Automation and Creativity: The Duelling Cornerstones of Successful Business

Loads of SME’s that are not tech friendly are naturally apprehensive about automation preferring to do business the old-fashioned way. Successful business practice doesn’t always include profit margins, it also incorporates internal processes which makes running a business easier in a more streamlined fashion. Who doesn’t want that? That’s where the benefits and importance of simple, that’s right – simple technology come in.

For those unfamiliar with automation or how it could best apply to your business, these insights pertaining to the outcomes of automating processes could prove helpful.

Businessman is using automation solution

Minimise Repetitive, Boring Tasks

The majority of employees spend a great deal of their working day; executing tiresome tasks which, let’s be honest, gets boring quickly. When we get uninterested, we often become unproductive. Having bored or unsatisfied employees makes your business more likely to suffer from low morale, which is often linked to low productivity.

This is one way in which automation software can step in and assist by automating many of the repetitive tasks; enabling your staff members to focus on other areas of the business, instantaneously raising morale and productivity. This allows you to manage and utilise your staff more effectively, and it could even speed up the processes involved. An example of automation could be to invest in accounting software to run helpful reports quickly that track your outgoings versus incomings, or manage social media posts, even to deliver and broadcast email marketing campaigns.

Why Not Reduce Labour Costs and Overheads

Various employers hire a significant number of employees to undertake large, essential tasks to keep up with the company’s busy workload. Many are even forced to outsource work or hire expensive agency personnel to fill in gaps. Yet, there’s so many automation tools available on the market that can perform complex tasks resulting in a more efficiently run business, eliminating the need to employ extra staff to reach set objectives. Automation can be an effective solution in removing manual processes while improving your company’s bottom-line. Automation also reduces the likelihood of human error, which could potentially cost your company it’s profits.

Calling customer service

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One of the biggest grievances of customers is feeble, unprofessional or over-capacity customer service systems. Many customers won’t use a company again if they can’t get in touch with employees over the phone, and understandably, most companies simply can’t afford to run a call centre. Instigating automated phone systems allows small to medium businesses manage high volumes of calls from customers without ruining their reputation or leaving them unable to cope with customer queries.

Nothing screams more unprofessional when companies can’t get their backend right. Companies which use automated phone lines can program their systems to take messages, to take payments, and to provide customers with an amount of information that a phone operator might find difficult to remember, or worse, recall inaccurately.

Data Safety and Recovery

Data is the driving force behind many modern businesses. It allows companies to gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour, buying patterns and audience engagement. Marketing companies have known the positive effects of such resources for over a decade now. It’s time other sectors start learning the benefits too.

On top of automotive systematic advances, businesses across the world have a responsibility to safeguard their customers, clients and employees’ details, and this cannot be done manually when so much personal data is at risk. Automation programs are critical components for business usage, as they can automatically save and recover systems that protects data from loss or damage, which could otherwise be due to human error or breach.

Only time will tell when automation will take over much of business processes. In the mean time, your job is to explore deeper on automation and its offered benefits for streamlining your business, and give significant competitive advantages in the process.