Searching for an Electrician? 5 Things to Look for During the Search

Home or office, you need high quality electrical system. Otherwise, you could be left with inappropriately lit rooms; or worse, end up in complete darkness; or improper air circulation; or malfunctioning gadgets – and so much more. Nobody would want that. You must also know that faulty wiring can even be a risk to everyone’s life in the premises. So, do not risk it.

Wondering how to prevent all such hassles? What you could do is make sure that you have a reputed electrician on board. He/she will help with all the electrical work.

Electrician on the job

And of course, you should look for one, locally.

So, for instance, if you’re living in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, say, in Maroubra area, then you should look for experienced electrician in Maroubra, such as the one from Ambient Electrical. This is just one of the many high-grade agencies in the area that has many experienced and expert electricians.

All you need to do is make sure of a few things, and you should not have any electrical woes (at least nothing to make you lose your sleep).

What should you be looking for in an Electrician?

Remember, that an under qualified or inexperienced electrician can ruin everything. Keep looking for someone who fits all the right aspects; and you will find a good electrician in Maroubra soon. Oh, you do not know what you have to look for. No problem. We are here to solve it all for you in a jiffy. Here are the top 5 things that you should make sure of:

1. License & Insurance

Whether you are hiring the electrician, or finding one from an agency, you need to make sure that they have valid license and insurance. License is the failsafe guarantee. It tells you that the electrician is experienced in practical and appropriate course work. This way you know that the electrician knows how to complete the work perfectly in a safe manner.

Insurance can help you breathe easy and not worry about accidents. So, if the electrician/agency does not have either, you need to move on to one that has both.

2. Experienced & Qualified

Would you ever hire an under qualified personnel in your office? So, why would you do that when it comes to an electrician? An electrician handles a very crucial part of your property, the electrical wiring and repairs. An unqualified person not only risks his/her life, but also of everyone on the property.

Another aspect is the experience. An experienced professional will be able to handle all kinds of issues without a frown on their forehead.

3. Recommendations & References

You not only need to look for recommendations from good sources, but also look for references from the electrician/agency as well. Oh, please also remember to look for testimonials as well.

Going back to the example above – when you are satisfied with all three, you can go ahead and hire that electrician or the agency’s electrician in Sydney. But before that, there are two more crucial things to make sure of.

Customer communication

4. Attitude of Communication

The electrician needs to be forthcoming. He/she should be in control, and make sure that all your queries and confusions are solved ASAP.

If you are hiring from an agency, then call them up and see how long they take to solve your queries. Any dilly-dally in the process should be taken as a negative sign. Look for one who takes it seriously.

5. Ask Around for a Quote

You need not jump in at the first electrician that you see. You need to look around and make sure that you get the best deal. This will definitely help you find a good source for the job you have.

Go ahead and get a quotation for the task from various electrician/agencies, at least three places. After that you can go ahead and hire the one that provided the best quote.


Now, you are equipped with the tools to find a good electrician. You do not have to worry about anything. Just keep this checklist handy.

Follow these points and you will definitely find a good electrician, who will complete all electrical work safely. You get to enjoy a property with perfect and safe electrical system.