6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Storage Unit For House Relocation

Upgrading your lifestyle sure requires you to take a lot of steps; house relocation, being the most significant. From packing your stuff and donating the ones you don’t want anymore to transporting the stuff to the new place; you have to keep your valuables safe and secure.

There are two things you need in getting started with your relocation plan.  Firstly, you should hire a professional service.  And secondly, you should rent a storage unit.

Hiring a professional mover is essential, as it helps you in managing your stress of relocation.  In your local area, you have many options for trusted residential movers; however, you should research thoroughly before you hire a residential moving company to avoid overpaying or having security issues. Don’t forget to check their testimonials before you hire any just to be sure!

Storage facility

For managing your relocation better, you may need to rent a storage unit.  This is an important decision to make because you and the professional service you hire will make use of the storage space for managing the moving of your valuables.

That said, read on to learn about the factors that you should consider before renting a storage unit for your valuables:

1. Dimensions

Most storage units are customizable, i.e. you can order size as per your requirements. You need to have an estimate of your needs to make sure you order the size length, width, and height of the container. Moving with pods or using them as temporary solutions will help you keep the relocation process smooth and your valuables safe.

2. Availability

It’s obvious that you should find movers and storage units that are located locally. For instance, if you’re located in Fredrick, Maryland, you may want to consider movers in Frederick, Maryland that also deal in storage units or have connections with proper dealers; you have to make sure that your professional service is in sync with your storage unit availability because you would not want your stuff to go out, even when your storage unit is not ready or available.

Check for availability first, and then start moving the boxes.

3. Insurance

Are the services insured? This is an important question because you need to know if your valuables will be stored safely or not. Most storage unit dealers have insurance on their containers, but it is advisable to go through the papers in advance to know who will be responsible for any damage caused to your stuff.

These things can be tricky and confusing, so take your time and finalise only when you are sure.

4. Condition

Double-check the condition of the storage unit before signing the documents because, firstly, if the floors, walls or the roof of the unit are damaged, then it can affect your essentials too, and secondly, the dealer may charge you for the damages if you haven’t pointed them out initially.

So, it is advisable for the safety of your items as well as arguments in the future to check the unit thoroughly and point out anything that does not look okay.

Self storage

5. Price

You need to find a company that can provide you with a container of your choice within your comfortable budget. The few factors that affect the price are dimensions, duration of the contract and transportation costs. If you have an idea of all these factors, then you can put a rough estimate on the costs; else, you may be in a jiffy.

Assess your requirements accurately to avoid confusion and going way over your budget.

6. Temperature-dependent requirements

Some people store stuff which is temperature-dependent, i.e. can go bad if the temperature inside the unit is too cold or too hot. If you also have such conditions for your valuables, then you have to clear that up in the start because not every storage unit is temperature-immune. You may have to pay a little extra for such a requirement because it is a special need.

In simple words, if you know what you are looking for, then it is easy for you to find a storage unit that meets your requirements. You know what to do now. So, go ahead, and find yourself what you are looking for!