5 Advantages of Using Intranet Software in Your Business

5 Advantages of Using Intranet Software in Your Business

Technology is changing so fast. The fact that everything is being made faster and streamlined in how we collaborate and do business doesn’t necessarily mean that choosing the proper technology or software is getting any easier. There’s simply so many solutions available, particularly when it comes to intranet software solutions.

Intranet software makes it so much easier for teams to keep in touch throughout the work day. It makes it possible for companies to have a private place online to collaborate at lightning-fast speeds, without the worry of data being compromised. Productivity goes up when the right intranet solution is put in place, saving startups, small businesses, and large corporations tens of thousands — even millions — of dollars a year.

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Whether it be time zone issues, differing schedules, or your company works with a number of freelancers or other types of subcontractors, an intranet is paramount to success. Here are 5 distinct advantages having an intranet in place can offer your company or organisation.

1. Instant information transfer

Emails are so 2005 — seriously! There’s no need to waste time waiting for coworkers and management to get around to checking their inbox. For some, this is a once a day task. While others have several hundreds of emails to deal with day-in and day-out. Consider the average employee spends over 6 hours daily checking their email, imagine what adding the ability to collaborate instantly would save your company? Productivity goes through the roof when communication is instant and everyone in the company is totally connected in real time.

2. Single source data storage

An intranet allows for the storage of data in a single, secure, an instantly accessible location for everyone to use. Obviously, certain privileges need to be accounted for depending on one’s status. Regardless, information is stored in one singular location, without the need for employing multiple sources such as email, word processors, Google Drive (and other cloud solutions like Microsoft), Drop Box, etc. All data is stored within your intranet solution, with meticulous backups to ensure no data is ever lost.

3. Instant feedback

The back and fourth that can take place between team members and their supervisors is indeed valuable and necessary to get projects done. However, every minute spent waiting for feedback costs your company money. Money is lost when a project doesn’t meet it’s deadline (Ie., lost clients or being required to discount services to maintain customer loyalty). Money is lost when key projects related to marketing, sales, or expansion are delayed due to lack of or slow feedback. A problem that instant access to data, and team engagement offered by quality intranet software can offer.

advantages of an intranet in business

4. Improved employee engagement

Consider the limitations presented by email. While it’s practical, the visual limitations it creates are many. An intranet allows for the creation of engaging, entertaining, and highly descriptive content that an email with a few bullet points and external links simply cannot offer. Be it easy access to company blog posts, notes from meetings, project requirements, or other company plans that it’s important for everyone to have access to.

5. Transparency in company culture

An intranet encourages instant collaboration, as mentioned several times already in this article. This makes it easy and comforting for employees who want to share ideas. An intranet allows for transparency provided the sharing of ideas and feedback are encouraged and embraced by employees an management at all levels.

Millennials and gen-Z want to work for companies that allow not just for growth within, but also companies that encourage the collaboration, instant feedback, and transparency that the right intranet software can provide a company.

Summing up, the right intranet platform can transform your workplace and bring up its bottom lines. You can leverage the SharePoint services and use the above intranet benefits to your advantage, and don’t let one more day to a lack of employee engagement, endless email threads and stalled projects. Revolutionize your business with SharePoint intranet software and get amazed with the experience.

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