4 Fall-Themed Small Businesses Perfect to Start During Autumn

Do you love the autumn months so much that you want to start a small business during this season? You’re in luck! There are tons of listicles written about businesses entrepreneurs can start during spring, summer, and winter, and fall has its own fair share of unique startups associated with the season, too.

From pop-ups to bakeries, let’s take a look at a few of the most popular ones.

1. Halloween pop-up storefronts

Halloween Disney storefront
photo credit: Hideya Hamano / Flickr

Do you only want to run your business for a limited amount of time? Do you have unique products with a spooky slant you’d like to sell, like costumes, interior décor, or snacks and drinks? You might want to consider going into the business of Halloween-themed pop-ups. A pop-up shop is generally around for a few months, but caters to specific customer needs — typically on a seasonal basis.

Despite its short-term timespan, pop-ups still need to be treated like traditional businesses. You will need to incorporate or form an LLC and determine which business licenses and permits your pop-up might need. You’ll also need to scout out the perfect location, keeping in mind the foot traffic in the area and interior and exterior of the space, and negotiate a lease once you’ve found the storefront for it.

2. Bakeries

Local bakery

Do you love to bake? Do you have recipes you’ve perfected for scones and muffins, and want to get in on the pumpkin spice trend? You might want to open up your own bakery.

Depending on your budget, you may take your venture to a traditional storefront, open up a food truck, or consider selling baked goods from a kiosk at the local farmer’s market. Much like a pop-up, food trucks come with a set of legal requirements to fulfill before opening for business.  You’ll need to invest in insurance, and apply for the appropriate business licenses and permits. You should also have an understanding of your city (and county’s) zoning regulations and health code and safety procedures for operating the truck.

3. Landscaping services


As the leaves begin falling, individuals and businesses alike will need a little extra TLC when it comes to maintaining their landscapes. If you have expertise in this field, and a thorough understanding of design, concrete work, planting, and pruning, you can start up a landscaping business with seasonal or year-round services offered to the community. Or, you may operate on a freelance basis through apps like TaskRabbit where you can provide yard work, cleanup, and removal assistance.

4. Tutoring

Teacher tutoring a student

From middle school to universities, tutoring services are in high demand for all grade levels now that students have gone back to school. Much like landscaping services, you may decide to become a freelance tutor for specific subjects like Algebra or History. Keep in mind that individuals you tutor may need to see if you have credentials first.

Come prepared with references of people you’ve previously tutored and a professional website that outlines your area(s) of expertise and education level.