Top 7 Tools for Digital Marketers Right Now

Marketers always have the need to stay on top of the newest tools and technology that are going to make their jobs easier and also make them effective at what they do. When you find great tools, it can transform how you do things and the results you achieve. The difficulty comes in being able to keep up with all the new tools and options out there.

Digital marketing tools you should be using

Here’s 7 tools all digital marketers need to start using right away.

1. GMass

GMass is a favorite of employees at some of the biggest tech companies including Salesforce, Google, and Twitter.

GMass is a Chrome extension for mass email campaigns. The extension allows users to use their Gmail account to send mail merge campaigns. Follow-up emails are automated and are sent sequentially until a response is received. There is the option to connect to Google Sheets with the use of GMass, and track metrics like opens and clicks.

A few of the particularly appealing features about GMass include the fact that you can write emails just like you would any other everyday Gmail message, and there’s a test mode available, in-depth and exportable reporting, and an unsubscribe link included at the bottom of emails if you choose.

GMass screenshot

2. Yotpo

If you’re a digital marketer, you probably already know the importance of customer and user reviews. Yotpo is a customer reviews tool.

The platform features options to get customer reviews as well as features aimed at loyalty, referrals and visual marketing.

It offers options to create customized loyalty programs and automate how you incentive repeat, loyal customers. It also features the ability to show your customers’ photos in well-designed galleries and include customer content across all of your marketing channels.

Yotpo screenshot

3. Oktopost

Oktopost is a platform and Chrome extension that helps manage B2B social media accounts. With the extension, it’s possible to share articles and other content straight from your browser. Basically, you’re able to keep your social media posts highly targeted, fresh and engaging.

When you use the extension, you click on its tab if you’re on a page you’d like to share. Once you click the tab, you get a menu that will show you how it’s going to look once you do share the post. You can create a caption and then it goes to your social audiences.

Oktapost screenshot

4. ClickTale

ClickTale is an excellent analytics platform. It shows users in-depth analytics on their customers’ experiences. For example, it shows where customer challenges exist, but also how that affects the business.

Body language is used to highlight key experience metrics, and it can be scaled to the enterprise level.

The reports and heat maps are excellent visualizations, and you can take a look at sessions that occur at the individual level as well. This is one of the most comprehensive analytics tools for the customer experience, and it’s useful for increasing conversions.

Clicktale screenshot

5. Hotjar

Hotjar is another modern analytics tool that marketers might consider. It helps users get a meaningful and actionable understanding of their visitors, both on their website and their mobile visitors.

Hotjar lets users watch recordings of visitors on their site as they make each move and navigate through the site. This helps indicate where problems with usability might be an issue.

Information on conversion funnels is provided so users can see where visitors tend to leave their site most often, and there are analysis options for online forms and completion rates.

Hotjar screenshot

6. MixRank

MixRank is a tool marketers can use to track their customers and take advantage of possible opportunities.

Prospecting features from MixRank allow users to find new opportunities using mobile, online, social and advertising filters. There are customizable alerts available, and data merging and customization. Users receive real-time alerts for the signals they choose.

MixRank includes features for not only prospecting new clients but also discovering them, strengthening relationships and growing your entire company.

MixRank also has a significant database of apps, SDKs, integrations, and developers.

MixRank screenshot

7. Frontify

Finally, Frontify is a platform for brand consistency. It’s more focused on the design and visual elements of digital marketing, as compared to data and analytics. With Frontify, users can create style guides and media libraries. There is a brand portal that’s part of the platform, as well as the option to create and maintain a UI library.

There’s also a workspace that’s part of the platform for collaborating with an entire team.

Frontify helps brands build a sense of cohesion across all of their elements including their logos and fonts.

Frontify screenshot