Awesome Website Design With Neons: How to Make a Fun and Energetic Website

Neon colours for banners and actual signage are effective. Using these colours in website design is a different matter, though. It doesn’t mean that you should avoid neon colours. Instead, stick to basic rules when using these eye-catching colours to create the greatest impact.

Say Yes to Lime Green

Big Lawn Shark website screenshot

Lime is the neon green that will grab the viewer’s attention without being too jarring. Pair this colour with a dark background to make it less glaring. The pop of colour will make your website design look interesting.

Never Attempt a Neon Rainbow Design

Neon colours have almost the same saturation and brightness. So, they look similar on a screen display. Neons will never work together when combined, and it can be distracting. Using several neons together will lead to readability issues.

Always consider the colour palette when planning to use any neon colour. You want to keep everything else simple.

Go for a Full-screen Neon

If you want to make your website extra attractive, make a bold statement with a neon colour. Using neons on a full screen will work as long as you mute other elements. Use black text and minimise the use of other elements. With nothing else competing for the viewer’s attention, you can see maximum effect.

Neons will also work as a background colour. Neon colours work best with a boring background. These colours will lift a certain element and get the viewer to notice it. Layering will also be more exciting with neon colours. You have to consider the depth and the brightness of the other elements in the process too. Go for a bit more depth and a little less brightness to create the perfect contrast.

White Backgrounds Don’t Work for Neon Colours

White and neon won’t go together, so don’t even attempt to pull it off. A white background can compromise readability so avoid this combination at all costs.

Brand With Neons

Neon colours are sometimes part of a brand’s identity. Mountain Dew is for instance amongst the most popular brands using a neon colour.

Mountain Dew logo in neon colors
photo credit: Mountain Dew

If the brand’s identifier has a neon colour, don’t be afraid to use it online. According to the website design Sydney agency Magicdust, you need to double-check that the overall look of your website design is consistent with the branding and that it evokes the correct emotions. Choose the right background and colour combination to make it stand out. Keep the other elements to a minimum since the colour itself already commands attention.

Neon Accents Are Effective

Neon colours will always draw the eyes which is why it works as an accent colour. Use neons to make call-to-action buttons more attractive and “click-worthy”. Always consider the contrast in using neons. When in doubt, use a black background.

Avoid Neon Text

Neons, in general, make reading the text difficult. So, stick to using neons on other web design elements and avoid applying it to your text.

Glowing Neon Colours Command Attention

Signages use neons for a reason, and you can mirror this application in website design. Opt for a simple glow to make the element shine. One way to do this is to do an animation with a slow pulsing motion using the neon colour. This makes the effect feel realistic.

You can add a neon element to a simple photo without any bright elements. You need to be careful with this effect as this can make your website look gaudy.

Since neon colours channel a fun and energetic vibe, it does not fit all types of projects. After all, you do not want to communicate the wrong message to your visitors.

Designmodo website screenshot

Don’t Be Afraid to Adjust the Colour Mix

When it comes to neons, you have full freedom on how you want it to look like. Experiment with different colours and don’t be afraid to make your mix to find the one that speaks to you.

Remember, neon can come from any colour. You don’t even have to go for something that’s too bright. You can use something which is a bit muted but almost like neon. The option is all up to you after all.

Abandon Neon Colours If It’s Not Working Out

Using neon colours can be tricky. If you can’t find the right mix or the colour ruins the message you want to convey, get it out of the picture. Neon is not for everyone, so don’t feel guilty for abandoning it.

Final Note

The web design field is taking various paths. Those who want to make a statement are using neon colours to make it happen.

If you are aiming for a funky, energetic and pulsing vibe, neons could be perfect for the project. Neons also work for websites with a minimalist theme and for making some elements pop out.

Keep your website’s goals while playing with neons. Aesthetics matter, but so are conversions. While experimenting with neons, don’t forget the importance of user behaviour in effective website design.