Politiscope: Why Every Voter Needs this App

Voters tend to elect politicians based on what they think a candidate supports. Candidates may get support based on party affiliation, his or her personality, or convincing political ads. What many voters may not realize is that a politician’s support or lack of support of the issues they care about can be overshadowed by the noise and rhetoric of election season.

Media spin on almost all things political makes it difficult for many voters to separate facts from opinions. That is why Politiscope may be just what voters in the current political environment are looking for if they really want the scoop on what candidates support.

Politiscope app preview

The Man Behind Politiscope

Politiscope is the brainchild of former NFL wide receiver Walter Powell. Powell was selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the sixth round of the NFL draft. He also played with the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders, and Jacksonville Jaguars.


Influenced by his best friend and roommate’s displeasure at the language politicians use in writing bills, Powell was moved to do something to help voters become more engaged in politics. Because of the two best friends’ discussions about politics, Powell had an idea that could revolutionize voting by eliminating the legalese and jargon lawmakers use in drafting bills. He developed Politiscope, an app that puts bills in plain language.

Walter Powell
photo credit: speedkillz9 / Instagram

How Politiscope Hopes to Change How We Consume Politics

Politiscope aims to take the confusion out of the political issues you care about most. The app is designed to cut through the jargon and verbiage of bills, making the content easy for voters to understand.

No longer will voters have to sift through online news sites that are often more opinion that fact. A tap of a smartphone screen will bring up the Politiscope app where voters will have access to non-biased information that will help them make informed decisions before they you cast their votes.

Politiscope app screenshot

Powell’s app will be like a stack of sports trading cards at a voter’s fingertips. By selecting a politician’s name, a user can see the politician’s profile–including party, voting record, and bills sponsored. Rather than hundreds of pages, bills will be summarized in a way that anyone can understand them.

Voters using this app will understand both the immediate and far-reaching impacts their votes will have on their lives and the lives of others.

Many in media and politics have suggested that athletes stick to playing their games rather than becoming political activists. However, Walter Powell’s app is an example of what can happen when athletes can use their creativity and passion to empower people. When they access Politiscope prior to casting their votes, individuals will be engaged and empowered because they will be better informed of the issues that affect them most.

Politiscope is non-partisan and designed to provide voters with just the facts. It is poised to be the go-to information source for voters who have been frustrated by the confusing way bills are written. Not only that, those who are not registered to vote will have access to voter registration.

Stay Up to Date on Politiscope’s Launch

Learn more about Politiscope and get up-to-date information about the app’s launch by checking out the website at Politiscope.io and by visiting the blog at Medium.com. For the latest Politiscope developments, follow the company on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.