The Best Performing ICOs of 2018

The cryptocurrency market is ruled by ICOs and in previous years, it has generated several millions of dollars in profits. Perhaps you have decided to invest in an upcoming ICO; you need to ensure that you are investing in the right one.

While there are genuine ICOs out there, there are just as many that are either bonafide scams or just plain terrible investments. Are you set to invest your money in the best ICOs this year?

If you are, then I’ve prepared the best ICO list that are genuine, which will provide a profitable return on your investment.

Successful ICOs

The Best ICOs of 2018


This project is designed for usage as a Nano-material for industrial purposes. It is also known as alumina nanofibers, which is a distinct crystalline material with the capability of changing the mechanical and chemical properties of different materials. Using Nafen with concretes, ceramics or polymers can increase the longevity of these materials.

Its token symbol is represented by NFN, with each of the tokens being sold for $0.122. The ICO sale began on 22 March and ended on 22 May 2018.


This platform is the first decentralized ecosystem, which is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry by connecting e-commerce sellers with offline customers and sales. EiraCube is the first robot-powered pop-up store, which offers online traders a lean way to unveil and sell their products in shopping malls throughout the world.

BRETT represents the token symbol, with each token sold for 0.0000333ETH. The platform is checked for a scan on the Ethereum blockchain. The sales of the token began on 1 April and ended on 30 May 2018. According to ICO Bench, it is rated 4.5 out of 5.


MoneyToken is a financial platform built on the blockchain platform, which enables people to lend liquid funds quickly depending on the current value of cryptocurrency asset holdings. This financial ecosystem makes it possible to apply for credit both in stable coins and in fiat currency. It is highly beneficial for traders, crypto holders, investors, ICOs, miners, and exchange services.

Just like the EiraCube, MoneyToken is also checked for a scan on the Ethereum blockchain. The price of each token of the MoneyToken is $0.005. The project began and ended on 22 March and 22 April 2018.


The OTPPay is a blockchain-based wallet, which offers users their best cryptocurrency for making payments to merchants or vendors instantly. Whether a person wants to make payment in fiat currency, cryptocurrency or OTPPAY tokens, they have the choice of deciding which currency they would like to use through OTPPAY.

The platform avoids any anti-social transactions through the integration of hyper ledgers and global eKYC interfaces. The price per token is 0.0000625ETH. Rated 4.4 out of 5 by ICO Bench, the ICO began on 4 April and ended on the 2nd June 2018.

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Final Thoughts

You must understand that investing in an ICO comes with various risks. It is a risk that must be undertaken with the utmost attention. The list of the best ICOs of 2018 provided here is just a selection of the numerous best ICOs within this year.