Kickstarting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – How and Why

Being passionate about cryptocurrency and everything it implies can be both advantageous and not. Even though people may consider cryptocurrency a dangerous field, in which you never know what is going to happen, they are also attracted to this domain, knowing that there might be something tremendous to gain out of it.

Initial Coin Offering - ICO

Many articles out there present the intricacies of ICO Bounty Management and ICO Bounty in general, but if you are not really into this topic and read a lot about it, you won’t be able to catch up everything related to it. You’ll have to get to know each and every factor that can influence an initial coin offering, how to invest into one and what is the main reason for doing so. But here is some good news: this article will summarize each and everything about ICO bounties and will make you quickly understand what it is all about.

What’s an ICO campaign?

Usually, when you desire to start a business in the cryptocurrency field you will want to invest into an initial coin offering. This starts with an actual plan which is created on whitepaper, where all the details related to the project/campaign you are going to begin in the future. Also, in this plan, all the future goals of the campaigns are stated and each amount of money that needs to be invested into this project is calculated.

The virtual tokens should be compatible with certain types of money, matter that is discussed at the very beginning of starting this campaign. During the ICO campaign, people (usually founders) will need to invest into the virtual currency. The whole process is very similar to an actual IPO (Initial Public Offering), common in normal startup businesses.

What a bounty hunter does?

Well, you should know that most blockchain startup businesses launch a ICO campaign after their initial investment. Being a bounty hunter means that you’ll have to be tremendously selective with the contributions you opt for. You will need to properly organize each decision you make, meaning that you’ll have to handle each token you allocate to a certain task. This being said, a bounty hunter is extremely cautious and chooses the priorities and communities to interact with very carefully.

Investing bitcoin in ICO

When can you start?

Basically, you can start whenever you want, but you need to be aware that you will have to show a little bit of patience, considering that starting a ICO campaign takes at least 72 hours and distributing bounty tokens will last for 2 weeks straight. No matter what you are going to do for your startup ICO, you need to know that there is a little bit of time involved, but it will surely be worth it if you know what you are doing.

It is very important to know as much as possible about this topic and have a specialist in cryptocurrency consult you before making any big decision.