5 Tips How to Stay Productive When You Hit Middle Age

Middle-aged entrepreneurs wish to roll the way they do in their 20s.  While your passion for business can take you everywhere, you physicality often doesn’t map with your ambition.

You see, nobody plans on slowing down when they get older, it just happens. You want to have plenty of energy, a youthful look, and a sharp mind no matter what age you’re. But after time you find out that your treadmill becomes the place you lay your clothes over to dry and the weights you once tossed around are now something you just move around as you vacuum. Everything changes year to year, and that includes your physical abilities which can seem to decline overnight.

how to stay productive after 50

Many business people begin to feel depressed when they realize father time is catching up with them. They feel helpless to overcome their slowing mind and body. However, activity and happiness are achievable at any age.

Here are 5 tips to feel more vibrant and productive at any age.

1. Get moving!

Start from something small – take a walk. Just visit the beach and walk along the shore. This will keep you active and allow the atmosphere to act as therapy. Eventually, your walk along the beach will turn into a jog, and once you start wading out into the water you’ll probably start body surfing, paddle boarding, or something similar. As athletes often say, showing up is half the battle.

2. Workout with weights

Weightlifting is a fantastic way to slow the aging process. Just because you can’t bench 40kg anymore is no reason to let your weights become scrap metal. You can lose your giant muscle mass, but you still can stay in great shape. Where you used to do short sets of heavy weights, now hit longer sets with less weight.

yoga keeps you young

3. Try yoga

Many older people suffer from stiff joints, reduced flexibility, sore muscles, and many other physical diseases. Yoga is great for physical tension, and also has amazing mental benefits, too. Find nearby yoga classes that offer classes for seniors. Yoga also allows your muscles to remain supple. Yoga has many proven anti-aging benefits to offer.

4. Read more often

Sure, reading is considered a sedentary activity, but for your brain, it’s a good workout. Reading enhances your memory and increases your attention span. If your mind stays sharp, it’s also easier to keep your body in shape. So the same as with yoga classes, you should join a book club. Go to your local bookshop or neighbourhood library and join a group you like.

reading helps improve mental health and productivity after 50

5. Hormonal therapy

Hormonal imbalance is a huge factor in slowing us down as we age. It appears in different forms. There are many symptoms of hormonal imbalance like high blood pressure, low libido, depression, decreased productivity. Treatments often includes supplements such as insulin, HGH, and thyroid medications. However, relying upon medications alone treats the symptom, without solving the problem.

Hormonal imbalance could happen and/or get worse at any time when men or women are getting older. Their bodies simple cannot create the proper amount of hormones they need to feel optimal. To prevent hormonal imbalance, you need to get blood work done, to determine if problems like growth hormone, testosterone, or estrogen deficiencies are the reason you’re slowing down. If hormone issues are discovered, go to your doctor, or an HGH clinic such as National HRT that will help you to handle the problem and get you moving again with more of a spring in your step.


Age affords you the benefits of wisdom – and perhaps the freedom of retirement, or even the freedom of not retiring at all. If you try some of these tips, you can maintain or get your healthy lifestyle and productivity back.

Life doesn’t end at middle age. You’re just getting started!