6 Marketing Tools Using AI to Help Users Win More Clients

We live in an era where robots and artificial intelligence may well soon control us. With so much interesting AI on the horizon promising to perhaps one day be able to slow or completely stop the aging process, and reverse deadly diseases like cancer, the human race has embarked on a path we can’t turn back on. Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and by its nature will continue to improve to infinity.

AI is a welcome relief for marketers too, as there are so many emerging tools that allow even small companies to analyze data faster, automate time-consuming tasks like social media posting, and essentially scale a business faster than we could have ever imagined just a few short years ago. Here are a few AI-infused marketing tools all marketers should have in their tool chest.

1. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein

You simply cannot have a conversation about marketing software and not mention the Salesforce brand. They’ve been in it since the beginning of modern online and mobile marketing. Einstein, as the name would imply, is an intelligent AI software that can learn to do virtually anything marketing related you need it to. We’ve all heard of the power Salesforce has when it comes to tracking and CRM.

Einstein automates workflows so your sales and customer management team work with your customers, rather than crunching data. You can build customized apps, and Einstein will watch over your web presence, analyze that data, and tell you what’s working and what’s not so you don’t have to spend so much time monitoring and analyzing.

2. Lexalytics

Lexalytics sentiment analysis - screenshot

Lexalytics is a very simple, yet incredibly intuitive and essential AI-based platform that features one of the best text reading NLPs on the market. You can seamlessly analyze and/or create social media posts in seconds, and read what your competitors are doing to attract and please customers — all in seconds.

Not only does this text analysis tool work well out of the box, but since it’s AI based, it’s also trainable, and can work with other platforms — even complicated desktop applications such as those used in industries with complex vocabulary such as hospitality, biotech, and pharmaceutical.

3. talkingAds

talkingAds website screenshot

Talking Ads Machine Learning Algorithms is a marketing service that’s been operating in the online space for over a decade now. It’s a full service marketing firm that puts AI at the forefront of their data collection and analysis game. One of the best parts of the service is their affiliate management team, which combines AI with a real human team to ensure affiliates are keeping in line with your brand’s values, and that they have all the data and tools they need to successfully spread the word and bring in more sales.

They’re intuitive algorithms are geared toward penetrating and disrupting whatever vertical you’re trying to dominate, including social, mobile, video, media buying, email marketing and more. There’s nothing this team can’t handle, and they’re operating in the forefront of bringing artificial intelligence into the marketing and CRM.

4. Acrolinx

Acrolinx website screenshot

Acrolinx is an interesting marketing tool that features an AI interface. What it does is simple, but for anyone who’s reading this, who also finds content curation difficult, you’ll really appreciate what it can do for you and your team. Acrolinx knows, and will continue to learn what high-performing content looks like. It can analyze your competition’s content, and tell you how you can make it better for your own marketing purposes.

If you run a team, branding alignment is so important, and often a challenge to control the more members you have on your team. Acrolinx will help your content development team stick to predefined guidelines such as common phraseology, style, and tone to keep everything you release “on brand.” A quick look at the front page will tell you that virtually every noteworthy brand on the planet uses this platform.



If conversions are important to your brand, ASCEND is a tool you simply must use to manage your websites and campaigns. The concept of A/B testing is thrown out the window when artificial intelligence is thrown into the fray. Ascend allows you to plug in multiple variables into a single campaign at once, allowing you to zero in on those that are performing better, with less money spent on A/B testing and running campaigns that simply do not work.

Use it to zero in on the best performing website design, paid ads, email and social campaigns. ASCEND is like putting your content and sales team on steroids before the big race, as they can spend more time generating new ideas and plugging them into ASCEND, rather than making manual changes and pouring over endless data.

6. Aivo

Aivo homepage screenshot

Aivo is another established NLP, but rather than gathering text-based data, this AI tool is all about CRM. The tool connects with customers via their preferred contact channel. Text chat, email, phone, and social. The support platform learns the sound of your most frequent customer’s voices, can answer FAQs, and knows exactly when it’s necessary for a human agent to enter the conversation during chat sessions, without the customer realizing any change.

To summarize, aivo mixes humans and AI for a seamless customer experience. It can also interact on most platforms, including Facebook Messenger, What’s App, and is ready to be set up on your site in seconds. All conversations are logged, and are compliant with Amazon’s rigorous AWS program.


There you have it. There are several high quality AI marketing tools out there, and many new ones yet to emerge. When you allow AI to take over the brunt of time-consuming tasks like data analysis, content curation, customer support, conversion optimization and other tedious tasks, you and your team can be instantly put in the front driver’s seat of your business, where you belong.

If you have any thoughts on the tools mentioned above, or care to recommend any AI-powered marketing apps you just can’t live without, feel free to leave a comment and let everybody know about it.