5 Types of Corporate Gifts Every Office Manager Should Know

Corporate gifts are items of value that an employer offers to the organization’s employees as a token of goodwill or appreciation without any obligation. For organizations that have no established policy on gifts, getting the right gift can be a daunting task. However, If you are an office manager and are looking for the perfect corporate gifts for your staff, you will be spoilt for choice.

No matter the occasion, you can never be wrong with these five types of corporate gifts.

1. Office items

Laptop sleeve
photo credit: Theryn Fleming / Flickr

It is not hard to figure out what someone you work with could use on his/her desk. An office item makes the best corporate gift because there are minimal chances it would be misconstrued to be inappropriate. Some of the office items you could consider include:

  • Fountain pen kit: Almost everyone uses a computer today, but there is still need for quality matte black ink to sign postcards and make important notes. This is why this gift is appropriate – even special to whoever receives it.
  • Laptop sleeve: Consider workers who trot to work and back home every day carrying their laptops. Whether the laptop is personal or the company’s, a beautiful case gift will not only brighten someone’s day but also help protect their property.
  • LED desk lamp: The best desk lamps in the market are designed to transform the lighting of an office space such as a desk or cubicle with adjustable colors and brightness. Most employees will find this an invaluable gift.

2. Travel items

Businessmen with suitcases

Travel items are among the most popular merchandise to give as corporate gifts today. Here are some travel items that make ideal gifts in a corporate setting:

  • Suitcase with wheels: Looking to give a useful gift to someone who travels a lot? An ultralight travel suitcase with wheels is the perfect gift for them.
  • Universal USB travel power adapter: A USB adapter may not be the sexiest or most interesting item to give as a gift, but a recipient who travels will appreciate its usefulness while they are on the road.
  • Neck pillow: A neck pillow is a necessity for long-haul flights, but most people forget that they need it until it is too late. Neck pillows can help your employees to be more productive by reducing fatigue during business trips.

3. Technological gadgets


Considering that people use them on a daily basis at work and home, tech gadgets must be in your list of top corporate gifts. The most thoughtful gadget gifts are flashy and trendy but useful. The following are some popular choices:

  • Power bank: Anyone who uses a smartphone, camera, or any other gadget with an inbuilt battery will appreciate a gift that can recharge his/her electronics when out of juice. Be sure to compare various promotional power banks to get one with the most features to offer.
  • Bluetooth speaker: A Bluetooth speaker connects with any media playback device with Bluetooth – from smartphones to media players and gaming consoles. A good Bluetooth speaker should be portable and preferably water resistant.
  • VR Headset: Virtual reality has not really caught on, but everyone who gets a chance to experience the uniqueness of VR would certainly never forget their first experience. There are many types of VR headsets to choose from, each offering a unique alternate reality experience.

4. Kitchen items

Classic coffee maker

Considering that most people spend a lot of time every day in the kitchen cooking for themselves and their families, a gift to help them along is almost never inappropriate regardless of the situation. Besides, the popularity of cooking TV shows in the 1990s and 2000s ‘normalized’ cooking in an office setting. Some kitchen items that make the best corporate gifts are:

  • Knife set: A set of high quality kitchen knives is useful in any kitchen. knife sets come in a wide variety of types, sizes and blade designs. It is therefore not difficult to find something appropriate.
  • Cups gift set: Possibly the most common gift item in the office, a set of cups is ideal when you have to get something that everyone agrees is not personal. You can add some personality by choosing cups with personalized messages or images.
  • Coffee maker: A one cup instant coffee maker is a very thoughtful gift guaranteed to stand out, not only because of the inherent value it carries as a provider of ‘caffeine boost’, but also because it is a quite uncommon but acceptable gift in an office environment.

5. Vehicle items

GPS navigation system

Vehicle items make some of the most appreciated gifts largely because people spend a lot of time in their vehicles and while in it are limited to using what they can reach. Besides, modern vehicles are very personal and people go to great lengths to make them ‘homely’. Here are three in-car items you should add to your list of corporate gifts to consider:

  • Smartphone dash mount: Let’s face it, the smartphone makes life everywhere easier, even on the road. Since it is illegal to use a phone when driving, the dash mount helps drivers drive more safely while using their smartphones for directions or calls.
  • GPS navigation system: There are all kinds of GPS navigation systems in the market today. Note, however, that some cars do not need external GPS. This makes a perfect gift for someone who drives a vintage car or a car with no navigation system.
  • Double USB hub: Every car has only a single power output port. The double USB hub would make an excellent gift because it adds USB ports to make it possible to charge multiple devices concurrently in the car.

A gift does not have to be expensive; you only need to be thoughtful. Go for something that is practical and which will make the employee feel valued. If you are in charge of selecting gifts but you are unsure what items make the best or appropriate gifts, the categories in this list are a great starting point.