The Top Features Employees Want from Their Workplace

When it comes to an office, every detail matters. From the location to the colors on the wall and the type of desks used, everything inside the office space affects each employee. Over the years companies have adjusted the layouts of their offices to keep up with what the latest trends were. Whether it be an open concept or lines of cubicles, it’s hard to find two workplaces that are identical.

As the office space continues to change, what are the employees who work there craving? Many top features are standard among workers. The top feature might be somewhat surprising.

Cozy workspace with privacy

Privacy Being Number One

A Commercial Café report found that the number one perk employees want in their office is privacy. Out of 2,107 surveyed across the United States, 42.86 percent said the need for privacy is the most important feature to them. Even though researchers found that about 70 percent of the offices in the United States go for an open concept for the office, almost half of the surveyed employees prefer otherwise. Only about 10 percent wanted an open floor plan.

Home Office Takes Second Spot

The idea of working from home appealed roughly 23 percent of the surveyed workers. A survey conducted in 2012 found the number one reason (60 percent of respondents) for working from home is the work and home balance. Saving gas (55 percent) and avoiding traffic (45 percent) took second and third spots respectively.

Employees working in a clean office space

Other Features Employees Like

There are many other features employees would like to see in their workplace, some more prominent than others. Quite often, staff members want a comfortable desk and chair to work at. Since the ergonomics of a chair can influence how an employee feels throughout the day, spending the money on one that improves posture will be worth it for your employees.

Employees also like to see a refreshment area in the office. A survey found that 85 percent wants some sort of refreshment facility in the office that included beverages like tea and coffee. Luckily in today’s world, there are a variety of options available, depending on how elaborate of a coffee bar you want to install.

Another top feature is the general cleanliness of the office. This should be a prime feature in every building. You can find bacteria all over an office, and if it doesn’t get cleaned regularly, it will continue to build up. Employees who work at a dirty office will take all the germs and bacteria back to their homes and create a health hazard to everyone around them.


Overall, if you are looking to fulfill as many needs as employees crave, creating an office space that is comfortable, productive and welcoming will help achieve that. Most of the time, staff members want to feel comfortable with their job. Adding in some privacy, ergonomically correct chairs and desks, a clean workspace and a coffee machine will help achieve all of that.

Take the time to listen to what your employees want, and you’ll soon learn how you can keep them around long term.