How to Grow Your Business with Shared Office Networking Events

Melbourne is home to one of the most vibrant cultural tapestries in Australia. With a mix of many nationalities and ethnic backgrounds, and balance of people of all ages, the city is becoming more popular than Sydney. Not just for tourism either. Melbourne’s business scene promises businesses the chance to invest in a community rife with potential lucrative ventures.

Many of these opportunities can happen right in your shared office. Shared offices present Melbourne professionals and businesses with an slew of benefits. In addition to being a work-space, this style of working encourages networking. Whether co-working or adopting another office style, much of your initial networking can begin at the office.

Networking is super important to grow your business
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Keep reading to learn more about how you can promote business growth through shared office networking events.

Seek Out Events

Pay attention to any community bulletins that post networking events in your immediate office and other locations. Also, check out online sites that can assist you in finding events that are appropriate for your industry. For example, Eventbrite, an online site, lists both free and non-free networking events all around Melbourne, and this is just one of the many resources available to business. The best way to get your business noticed is to search for and attend, as many of these events as possible.

Go Into The Event With A Plan

Not that you want to ruin the enjoyment of mixing and mingling with your professional peers, but the whole point of networking is to establish a platform for creating other business opportunities. The best way to do this is to go into each event with a goal and objectives to completing that goal, whether these objectives include having conversations related to a certain aspect of business or just handing out business cards. The point is to make sure that some work is accomplished in terms of building connections and raising your company’s visibility.

Be Prepared

One of the best ways to promote your business’s image is by going into the event to talk articulately about your skills. This can be done by knowing current practices in the industry and being up-to-date on any technologies used in the industry. No, you do not have to know every detail about your industry, but being knowledgeable and aware of current practices is attractive to other professionals looking to connect with your business.

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Go Old-School

Do not be afraid to rely on old-school methods to help you grow your business. In the age of smartphone technology and other tablets, business cards might seem passé. However, make sure to have a few on hand to pass out to professionals who seem interested in your business. Also, after the event, do not be afraid to follow up with a phone call maybe to meet for lunch or dinner. One of the best ways to open up collaboration and partnership opportunities is through these types of activities.

Host Events

A public relations activity that can help introduce your business to the community is to host free events or even demos. Melbourne’s population is comprised of a diverse group of people, including 35,000 students who love free stuff, and one way to promote your business in this multi-ethnic, multi-lingual community is to host an event that promotes your brand. Ultimately, your shared space can double as a place to host any event that promotes your business.

Raise Your Business’s Profile

Networking can be one of the best ways to establish a platform for your business in the community. More significantly, networking helps create valuable working relationships with other professionals and businesses. Ultimately, though, your shared office in Melbourne can be the intersection where the work of networking can be accomplished.