Dagcoin and Co-founder Nils Grossberg are Disrupting the Future of Ecommerce

If you happen to stay up to date with the events happening in and around the cryptocurrency sector, you will be familiar  Nils Grossberg, who co-founded Dagcoin in May 2017. He programmed the software that lead to the development of this cryptocurrency. Dagcoin cryptocurrency has an entire ecosystem around it including Dagpay, DagWallet, Merchant Finder, and SwipeX. These features promote the smooth making and receiving of payments between vendors and customers when using the Dagcoin cryptocurrency.


Dagpay is a payment solution cryptocurrency that online businesses can register themselves with to become a part of the Dagcoin community which is flourishing and prospering with each passing moment.

E-commerce businesses are displaying a keen interest in joining the Dagpay, and adopting Dagcoin cryptocurrency as an alternative method of payment for their products. Following are the major factors that are contributing to the increasing popularity of the cryptocurrency among e-commerce establishments.

Dagcoin is Scalable

Transactions done in Dagcoin cryptocurrency, since it is based on DAG-chain, are confirmed through the transaction done prior to the current transaction. As such the transaction gets confirmed instantly. Moreover, DAG-chain makes the currency completely scalable. The performance of Dagcoin will become even better with more number of users.

Dagcoin is shaking up the ecommerce space

Dagcoin offers the potential to touch untapped markets

In many regions in the world, especially in Asia and Africa, there are no centrally managed banking services. As such, people are not able to perform any sort of online financial transactions. In these areas, Dagcoin has exceedingly high chances of getting adopted. The DAG-chain based cryptocurrency is extremely secure and user-friendly, and will effortlessly impart the power of doing online financial transactions to the populations living in these areas. In fact, security and simplicity are the two hallmarks of the Dagcoin cryptocurrency.

Transaction costs are low

The current cost of a transaction made in dags is around 0.0005 USD. It can be easily seen that this is drastically less as compared to the transaction cost of Bitcoin. Moreover, there is no possibility of the transaction costs becoming exorbitant and frustratingly higher in the future. Hence, Dagcoin stands true on Nils Grossberg’s vision of developing a cryptocurrency that is stands high on the importance of usability. This becomes evident from the fact that the user base of Dagcoin cryptocurrency is growing with each passing day.

DagPay business platform is cheaper than other payment processors

Dagpay, the payment solution associated with the Dagcoin cryptocurrency levies a transaction charge of less than 1%, unlike the 3% being charged by traditional payment solutions, on the business establishments. Therefore, by introducing Dagcoin as an alternative method of payment, online traders can not only increase their market base but can also reap in significantly higher profits.

Final Words

Nils Grossberg, the man behind the idea of the development of Dagcoin, has definitely disrupted the cryptocurrency sector and may soon have the power to make blockchain obsolete. In the near future, we might see Dagcoin becoming a preferable mode for the online financial transaction and the increasing user base of Dagcoin can be hailed as a perfect evidence to guarantee this statement.