How Savvy Business Travelers Save On Trips To Las Vegas Without Sacrificing Comfort

Does anyone really enjoy a business trip to Las Vegas? Conferences are often a drag, especially in the city that never sleeps watching everyone around you have a blast gambling and whatnot. Many find it depressing to be in Vegas on business, but there is an upside. The hotel will be nice, There will always be terrific places to eat. Business travelers either love or hate Vegas. Either way, you’ll likely at some point be forced to attend a meeting or trade show in the city of sins.

Save money in Vegas business trip

Vegas has had it’s ups and downs since Bugsy Seigel and the mob breathed life into this inhabitable chunk of life back in the fifties. During the 2008-2010 financial downturn, many businesses thumbed their noses at the city’s excesses. The corporations wanted something more sensible and less flashy. Thankfully, that trend didn’t last long. Vegas is drawing the corporate crew back by combining good value with convenience. Typical hotel rates hover around $100 per night and there are over 150,000 rooms from which to choose.

With competition heating up among the airlines, fares are low and flights are plentiful. With McCarran International Airport’s desert location, weather-related flight delays are seldom a concern. With the competition increasing, hotels are racing each other to attract the crowds. That means lower prices for everyone.

Remember the law of supply and demand?

Before you start planning, know your budget. Here are some expenses you want to include:

  • Transportation costs once you get there.
  • Parking garage fees.
  • Meals, snacks & drinks beyond what is covered in your expense account.
  • Don’t Get Stuck Indoors.

One of the more frequent complaints heard from business travelers in Vegas is: “I have been here for days and haven’t been outside once.” Because of the size of all the lobbies lobbies, casinos and convention centers, a person can spend hours and never see daylight or get fresh, unconditioned, air. Though, there will definitely be days when you’ll thank your maker for the A/C. In fact, it’s literally the only thing that makes the city liveable!

Here are some ways you can save money on your next business trip to the city of lights.

Plenty More To See Outside Also

Outdoor sights are spectacular and often free. For example, the “Fountains of Bellagio” performance happens hourly in front of the Bellagio hotel and casino on the Strip. Visitors can walk to two 500ft observation wheels for dramatic views on the SkyVue Las Vegas or the High Roller.

Find A Spa. Take A Break.

For an affordable break between meetings, hit up one of the two Canyon Ranch Spa in the Palazzo and Venetian. Bother have low-cost, rejuvenating spas and top of the line fitness centers. Often hotels work in-tandem, so if you’re staying at the right one, you can often get free passes to amenities in another.

Can I Buy You A Drink?

Looking for a casual, low-cost drink with the team? Check out the hotel’s bar. Many, such as The Mandarin Bar, offer big discounts to patrons staying in the hotel. Relax and enjoy the wine menu on the 23rd floor of the Mandarin Oriental or go to their private room, The Edge, which accommodates 30, making it a nice place to relax with the rest of the company and party.

Las Vegas signage

More Ways To Save Money

Vegas is a pedestrian-friendly city. Exploring, especially by foot in the summer, can be a challenge. Summer days can get as high as 106. Unless you plan on parking in the poor or staying inside, set aside cash for transportation.

  • Avoid car rentals — you don’t want to have to pay parking fees,
  • Taxis. Stay away. Other than catching a cab for a late night return to your hotel, the expense isn’t worth it,
  • Uber or Lyft. The duo almost always cost less than a taxi, they’re great for traveling the strip and through their app, you know the cost before you even get in,
  • Monorail. For around $12,00 a day, you can get anywhere along the strip you want. The only downside? The monorail doesn’t run all night.

Keep an open mind, do a little research and you find you can cover all of Vegas without busting the bank or having a heat stroke.

Main Takeaway

With a little planning and some creativity, anyone can be a business traveler to Vegas but enjoy the time spend like royalty.