What Asbestos Awareness Courses Bring to Your Business

In the workplace, asbestos can be everywhere. Even if you think you have all of the required control measures in place, complacency can be dangerous.

As an employer or employee who works in an environment where you could come into contact with asbestos, you must be absolutely confident in your own knowledge and skills to be able to recognise Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). Everyone who works in the construction industry and related sectors should be aware of asbestos and the dangers that it can present.

Asbestos dangers

As well as the obvious health and safety benefits to quality asbestos training, education will help you to enhance your awareness and build your knowledge about the various hazards and risks that can present themselves when working with Asbestos Containing Materials. Through good training you will also become familiar with the various pieces of legislation that are in place to safeguard businesses and employees.

There are many benefits to being more aware of asbestos and as a business owner, it is your responsibility to safeguard your employees. Every year thousands of people die as a result of asbestos exposure with tradesmen and those who work in construction or industry at high risk.

Once you have studied an asbestos awareness course you should be able to handle the material safely and:

  • Recognise how and why asbestos containing material is harmful and the importance of treating it as a hazardous substance
  • Understand the adverse effects that asbestos can have, long after exposure
  • Conduct a comprehensive risk assessment
  • Identify the steps you need to take to reduce and where possible eliminate the risks associated with asbestos
  • Describe the responsibilities of employers and employees under health and safety law
  • Implement emergency procedures when necessary

Increased Safety

Employees who are more aware of the dangers of asbestos are more likely to approach and handle the material with care, using the right procedures and the correct techniques.

More Business

Skilled and knowledgeable staff are good for business. When securing contracts and new projects, a company with strong safety record and an understanding of asbestos will be favoured by those awarding the contracts. Being able to immediately identify asbestos materials is important and it gives potential business partners confidence in your ability.

Taking a business course
photo credit: Salford University / Flickr

Feeling Valued

When employees know that their employer really cares about their health and safety, they feel more valued and committed to their work. In addition, its good for teams to know what they are working with.

Improved Safety Standards

Being aware of asbestos is important for a variety of reasons. There are so many buildings and materials that could present a risk and increasing your awareness of asbestos can significantly improve safety standards.


There is no doubt about it; training is costly and sometimes it can be very disruptive to work schedules, particularly classroom based learning. Many business owners avoid training entirely because they believe that the cost implications are just too high.

However, asbestos awareness e-learning is an alternative method of training that is convenient, practical and successful. E-learning is one of the most cost effective ways to deliver training. Businesses don’t have to invest lots of time and money in arranging venues, revise work schedules to ensure that all staff can attend the training, print endless workbooks and learning materials or pay significant amounts of money for professional trainers. E-learning is flexible and can be accessed by employees at any time whenever they have an internet connection.

Being aware of asbestos has never been more important, particularly when so many professionals are affected and the implications of asbestos exposure are so severe. Starting to develop your asbestos awareness is important for both business owners and employees and expanding your knowledge can be achieved through quality e-learning.