What You Need to Know About Document Attestation

If you’re planning on working or studying in another country, you may find yourself in need of document attestation services. For many, this service is something they have never heard about until they needed it.

In this article, we’ll talk about what document attestation is, who needs it, how to get it, and how the process works.

document attestation

What is Document Attestation?

Attestation is similar to notarization. The process is used to authenticate documents, particularly those pertaining to education. For example, you may use Authentifier to authenticate a high school diploma, university degree, college diplomas, and transcripts. This is to prove that the document is legitimate and was obtained through the proper channels. Essentially, it’s a checkmark on a list of proving you are who you say you are.

Businesses also require document attestation sometimes. These documents could be necessary to prove that your business is legitimate when you travel abroad for business meetings or if you’re an entrepreneur who plans on moving overseas.

Business document attestation is often used in your home country if you wish to hire someone from overseas to work for you. This process could be applied to your potential employee’s documents or to ensure that your business and hiring agenda is legitimate.

Who Needs Attestation?

Document attestation is often required for students who opt to study abroad or who come home after an international studying experience. This process validates their education so that their newly obtained knowledge is accepted both in foreign countries and at home. Additionally, those moving to a new country could require attestation to open a bank account, purchase a home, or start a new job. This is particularly true for those with university educations starting a new career abroad.

Attestation Requirements

Document attestation requirements vary from country to country. The best way to determine what you need is to look at the country’s travel and immigration requirements. Even if you’re only planning on visiting a country as a tourist, you should still look and see what authentication might be required for you to visit.

For those who plan on working or studying abroad, be sure to look at all of the countries you plan to visit or work in. It’s better to have all of your paperwork in order before you leave your home country.

document attestation

The Process

The process to obtain attestation for your documents is usually fairly short and straightforward, depending on what you need, the service you use, etc. You can expect the process to take around three weeks, give or take. It’s essential that you plan to have document attestation completed at least six weeks before you go on a trip.

Once delivered to the attestation service, your documents will be verified, notarized, and sent to any relevant regulatory bodies for further verification. While the process of preparing the documents is fairly simple, they often get caught up in the system for a couple of weeks once they’re passed onto the larger regulatory and governmental bodies.

Fake Documents

Authentication services are very thorough, and submitting false documents rarely gets past their keen eyes. If they discover that you’ve submitted false documents for authentication, you will be reported and charged. The charges vary from country to country, but the severity of the deception is equivalent to lying to the government. Verifying that the documents are real is an important step in the attestation process – don’t expect it to be skipped.

Document attestation is a great way to legitimize business and education efforts if you’re traveling abroad for work or school. Always take the time to research the requirements and transferability before choosing to study abroad or when hiring someone from another country to work for your business.