Q&A With CrazyMass Founder Gary David on Common Challenges Supplement Companies Have to Overcome

CrazyMass is a modern supplement company developed and manufactured in the United States, founded by Gary David. It was established to take advantage of natural ingredients that help build muscles and increase overall weight. Products are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility in the US, delivering state-of-the-art performance supplements that boost one’s energy levels, speed up the recovery process, and rebuild muscles faster.

The ingredients they use revolve around various herbs combined with amino acids. This creates a formula that facilitates rapid muscle atrophy and increases the size of someone’s muscles faster. The product produces steroid-like results, but is completely legal and safe to use. CrazyMass is particularly catered to individuals who actively workout and burn hundreds of calories daily.

Gary David

Let’s what sort of challenges CrazyMass founder, Gary David has had to face — and continues to face daily while running and growing his brand.

Ivan Widjaya (Q): What are some of the biggest challenges that you face?

Gary David (A): Since we operate in the industry of performance supplements, we face a lot of stigma about doing something that is perceived as illegal or taboo. Although this form of criticism tends to come from older generations, it is still very noticeable. For instance, most of our public accounts get a lot of feedback from people who do not believe in what we do. Although, we usually find a way to reason with them by explaining our operations in great detail, doing so is quite challenging as it takes a lot of time.

Also, we face a lot of challenges when it comes to building new formulas and making sure that we stay ahead of our competitors. The food and diet industry is extremely overcrowded and increasing our market share tends to be difficult. Nevertheless, we have been doing it successfully thus far and there is no reason why we would not keep that up.

Q: Could you expand on how you overcome some of the challenges that you mentioned?

A: Absolutely. So, when it comes to the stigma connected to our industry, we overcome it by teaching people about what our mission is. We are not in the market of illegal ventures. If that was the case, we would not be operational and would not have FDA‘s stamps of approval across many of our performance supplements. Most people, however, base their conclusions on other information without even asking what our bottom-line is. Well, we overcome the differences of opinion by showing them what our underlying objectives are and how there is absolutely nothing illegal within the scope of our services.


Q: What strategies do you rely on to ensure that your company receives positive publicity?

A: We put transparency ahead of everything. Meaning, all of our ventures and dealings are done under the spotlight. We do not try to hide things from our existing or prospective customers as that diminishes the trust that we want to build. Moreover, we prioritize great customer service, where everyone’s questions are answered promptly and people’s input is taken seriously. Lastly, our dedication to creating items that actually work is what drives our success rates with repeat buyers the most.

Q: How do you maintain the appropriate safety levels while operating in the food and supplements industry?

A: By going through all of the necessary testing stages and beyond. First and foremost, CrazyMass products are developed, tested, and manufactured in the US, in FDA registered, audited and CGMP approved facilities.

Additionally, our products are thoroughly batch tested yearly for quality and accuracy of ingredients. This means that we conduct the mandatory lab work and accompany it with seemingly endless trial periods. During that time, all of the ingredients get reviewed to ensure that nothing hazardous is present. As the owner, I personally work with the chemist to ensure quality and reliability. After this, we start doing trials with actual performers who consume the supplement.

This part of the process is aimed at making sure that the supplement does what it is supposed to do in a safe way. If it passes, we start advertising it to see what type of demand it brings. Naturally, we ask for on-going feedback from customers later on as well. Doing so allows us to come up with potential modifications that may need to be made.

Thanks so much Gary. It was a real pleasure interviewing you today!