How Account Reps Can Automate Communication for More Productivity and a Happier Customer

If you are an account representative, automating communication with your customers can not only boost your productivity but make them much happier.

And, of course, happier customers mean more sales, more revenue, and more success for your career.

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What Is Automated Communication?

Automation may sound like a big scary word if you are new to it, but it is really not that complicated these days. Many companies offer easy, point and click automation solutions that can work with your existing email accounts.

Most email services and messaging programs offer some small amount of automation, such as an autoresponder that lets people know if you are away (like when you go on vacation). Other services help you manage your social media accounts and schedule posts in advance.

Email is one of the most important technologies to automate if you are a sales rep. Fortunately, many tools are available to help you better serve your customers.

For example, automation tools to empower sales representatives in their outbound communications. These tools include write now – send later functionality, one-click email templates, easy automated scheduling, email receipts, and much more.

These technology enhancements improve your ability to work with email and best leverage it, instead of being overwhelmed by your inbox.

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3 Simple Ways to Automate Your Customer Communication

Here are three simple ways to get started with email automation:

1. Use Email Templates

If you are constantly writing the same thing over and over again, then you could save a lot of time by creating a custom email template. This template can then be used for those responses or outbound emails. If you are going to use a template for outreach, then make sure you personalize the content as much as possible.

2. Create Rules to Automate Email Workflows

Automation services offer the ability to set up rules that help you manage your inbox and automate manual tasks. In some cases you can create rules to automate tasks based on a trigger and the trigger can be either the content of an email or an action that the recipient took (like opening your email). For example, a rule can be made that once your team closes a sales, your CRM is automatically updated, and an auto email goes out to the client thanking them for working together and providing an on boarding video.

Automation tools, like Mixmax, makes creating email sequences based off rules simple. Simply identify triggers that start actions.

Setting up these rules can speed up communication between your team and the client and prevent any steps from falling between the cracks.

3. Leverage Your Autoresponder

An autoresponder is a very simple way to immediately get back to your customers if you aren’t at the computer. Don’t discount the power of this very important email tool. Be creative with it – go beyond just writing an “I’m out of the office” email. Give them some info or something fun to chew on until you can respond personally.

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Automation Technology Improves Online Communication

Automated online communication can be one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers. Using simple yet powerful tools, you can set up a system that will impress your clients and prospects with your prompt replies, thorough follow-ups, and on point messaging. With the right technology, you can truly expand your reach while making your customers that much happier. And that is a win/win!