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How to Lead a Productive Freelance Lifestyle

As the digital revolution continues, we can only witness how new technologies continue to impact the world of business. Back in the day, people wpuld have to undergo a strenuous process of establishing a startup. From gathering funding to complying with tax laws, there’s no denying the many challenges that young entrepreneurs had to face in the pre-social media era.

Today, we are seeing this process simplified in drastic ways. In this day and age, almost anyone can establish a startup without much hassle. More importantly, more and more people are being drawn towards the freelance lifestyle which has become a noteworthy product of the information age. From designing websites to writing content for online businesses, there’s a plethora of jobs that can bring in easy money without the need for an office.

Freelancing Tips

The freelance lifestyle has become so appealing that, according to an article published on, freelancers will comprise at least 40 percent of the American workforce by 2020. Still, considering the competition you will be facing in the freelancing market, it will take more than just high-speed Internet to achieve success in your chosen niche.

That being said, let’s look at how you can lead a productive lifestyle as a freelancer.

1. Know why you want to be in business

Earning to pay for grad school? Or do you just want to open up a new income stream? Whatever the reason, it’s important that you know why you want to lead a freelance lifestyle first. Sure, it allows you to earn extra cash, but you have to realize that you are investing precious time for extra work. For that, it’s best to know your motivations because these will essentially help you take your freelancing business more seriously. These will definitely help you identify the strategies you need to apply to keep your freelancing stint afloat.

2. Know where you want to work

As a freelancer, the world is your oyster! Well, sort of. But the best thing about a freelance lifestyle is that you get to pick where and when you want to work. On the weekends you may opt to find coworking spaces in your area. Companies such as Novel Coworking offer virtual office space where you can operate your freelance business. You may also have the option of working at home where you can juggle other responsibilities. However, one problem with this is the many distractions you will have to bear. If you want improved concentration in your work, it’s best to find places offering the best conditions for peace and quiet.

Find a quiet place to work to be a productive freelancer

3. Know other people

While it’s true that freelancers are considered lone wolves, there are opportunities for collaboration. For sure, if you join freelancing communities, you will be able to meet people who are in the same field as you.


From there, you can decide on whether or not to form a business venture together. One thing’s for sure, a collective provides much more managerial and operational ease since you’re not the only one handling the business. Eventually, it becomes easier for you to scale the enterprise as you invite more freelancers in.

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