Understanding How Job Agency Work

In this competitive world, finding the right job has become full employment itself! Waking up every day to start dropping your resumes in different companies, and coming back past 5 pm, is that not a full employment? Well, that is why there are a variety of job agencies to help you get hired easily.

Most companies don’t want to go through the entire strenuous hiring process, and that is why they opt to use job agencies to take care of the staffing needs. These agencies get employees to fill either temp or permanent positions in different career fields. Whether the firm requires a teacher, manager, a nurse or a technician, the agency finds the best employee to feel the position.

Job seeker working with job agency

So what do these staffing agencies do? Our friends at Team Global / MSM, a Toronto job agency, share a glimpse of what their job roles look like.

Functions of a Staffing Agency

Both private and public staffing agencies are mandated to help place employees. Some well-established employment agencies provide job search services and tools for the job seekers via online resources. These agencies promote private and public sector employment by linking national and state employment banks.

Private staffing agencies also place employees, specifically in the private sector. They specialize in the following areas:

  • Individual placement services.
  • Temporary help services.
  • Executive search firms.

That being said, these companies help workers get jobs every day. In fact, in most contract industries, more than two million employees are employed by staffing firms, and employment agencies employ over 8.6 million temps and contract hires yearly.

The benefits for employers

For employers, these agencies help take the tiring work hiring right candidates from them.it is not easy to fill a vacant position. It is costly and also time-consuming. So instead of a firm incurring so many expenses, it opts for a job agency to do the entire work of finding the right candidate for the position.

For executive positions, most companies opt to use an executive search firm. These forms conduct their duties under a retainer agreement from an employment company and adhere to a set of code of standards to isolate and recruit candidates in these high positions.

However, when a company wants a temporary position to be filled, it uses a temp agency. These agencies offer skilled employees to work on a contract or temporary basis. Some companies may want to recruit workers in temp-to-perm positions. That implies that the job is temp, but it can change to be a perm position of the company thinks that you are fit to serve in that position.

Interviewing new employee candidate

The benefits for job seekers

For job seekers, employment agencies can be an excellent place to start to get full employment. These agencies show you positions that you cannot find when looking a job for your own.

They give you a chance to test different companies, and they offer significant help for the people looking for part-time or temp jobs. They also provide training to their workers.

Why hiring an agency makes sense

Whether you are an employer looking to hire a talented employee or a job seeker looking for the right job for her career, a staffing agency can help you leverage your resources, so that you can save countless hours on finding the best job candidates and employees, and put those hours into a good use, such as strategizing for your business or career.

Good luck on finding the right job agency for you!