Why You Should Consider Network Automation

How do you get the time to learn new things, test them and implement them in your network environment? Well, through automation. Network automation encompasses the tools, technologies, and methodologies used to develop and manage the processes of a network environment. Automation is implemented through solutions that touch on both the hardware and software component of a network system.

Automation enhances effectiveness and efficiency, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time and effort, and you might also have to prove its worth to your team members. If done correctly, automation can enable you to utilize more time in adding value by doing more important things due to reduced inconsistency in your network environment.

Network automation enhances effectiveness and efficiency

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider network automation:

Embrace New Technology

Today, almost every company is 99% IT-based with the rapid technological changes – it’s essential for enterprises to stay up-to-date to remain competitive. The IT budget increase is directly proportional to the rise in the size of the enterprise. Management decisions are not the only factor, customers also expect businesses to adapt rapidly by bringing forth new items or ideas to the marketplace.

However, this is not an easy task as some enterprises have incredibly complex network environments that are vastly spread across different geographies and clouds. Automation can help in such a case by accelerating the provision of new technologies. An example is in the case of security where you can introduce a syslog server as a new technology to help monitor your network environment and logs more seamlessly.

Reduce Operational Expenses

Operational costs can be reduced by eliminating tedious and manual processes that would cause you to spend more. Also, track the inventory of your network devices and pay for the maintenance of the faulty ones. Occasionally perform refreshers on your network devices and upgrade the old ones.

Automating these infrastructures will extend your network capabilities and set you up for return investment on infrastructure. Every coin you can save will aid in the growth and development of your enterprise. At the end of the day, investing in network automation solutions helps your business focus more on key operational processes that drive sustained growth.

Reduce Human Errors And Build Resiliency

One of the main reasons for network automation is human error as it accounts for nearly half of the network failures in an enterprise. Automating manual tasks will help reduce network errors and provide a smooth network environment. Many automation solutions respond to network errors automatically without intervention, and thus employees can access applications easily.

Some of the IT processes like the configuration of routers and switches should be done automatically to reduce human errors. Also, implementing a change control process is essential in the reduction of human errors and improving resiliency among employees.

Working with high-end laptop and desktop

Create Better And More Efficient IT Jobs

According to a report on Jupiter Network solutions, over 80% of firms have adopted network automation and are enjoying more significant benefits and capabilities than expected. By automating processes, it gives IT staff more time to concentrate on other things like ways to better or diversify IT infrastructure.

Firms should also partake in rewarding employees who make commendable breakthroughs in IT processes. This will create a great working environment and improve the overall employees’ happiness and motivation.


Networks are continuing to increase in size and complexity, and automation is the surest way to cope with these changes. These reasons give a clear picture as to why automation is essential in your enterprise.