5 Cryptocurrencies Set to Boom in 2019

It’d be fair to say in recent years many people have taken notice of the emerging cryptocurrency trend. The increase in the case of Bitcoin was meteoric in 2017, clocking up more than 2,000% in value during 2017 and leaving the per-coin price touching $20,000. Is it too late for you to join the cryptocurrency investment party?

Cryptocurrencies to invest in this year

It’s impossible to say with certainty, but you could increase your chances of success by opting for these cryptocurrencies…

1. Bitcoin

cryptocurrencies that will increase value in 2019

With Bitcoin having established itself as the world’s leading digital currency, you don’t need to worry about it possibly going out of fashion soon. Nonetheless, the Bitcoin bubble did seem to burst in 2018, at least as far as growth was concerned. Is it now time to back away from Bitcoin, then? Not so fast! Experts interviewed by Verdict have talked of the potential for a Bitcoin comeback in 2019, but closely follow the Bitcoin news on the BTCNN website to help hedge against shocks.

2. Ethereum

Ethereum (ETH)

Whereas a Bitcoin transaction typically takes several minutes, that time is slashed to less than seconds for Ethereum, which has been hailed as “basically an improved version of Bitcoin”. Those are the words of crypto enthusiast Kurt Walker in an article for Coinspeaker. Walker enthuses that Ethereum is not only popular with investors but also “projected to grow even further”, so seriously consider including it in your own investment portfolio.

3. Litecoin

Litecoin TokenPay
photo credit: Ethereum World News

If it’s the transaction fees – rather than transaction duration – that has deterred you from dipping into Bitcoin, you might consider Litecoin an attractive alternative. Indeed, investors are drawn to it as it is relatively light on both the computational power and transaction fees it requires. Though Litecoin’s growth has slowed in recent years, it reached its historical maximum again in 2018, making now a promising time to buy Litecoin. Walker goes as far as saying that “you definitely won’t lose money investing in this project.”

4. Lisk

Lisk cryptocurrency

A novel addition to the range of cryptocurrencies available, Lisk is powered by tokens on an open-source blockchain platform, Crypto Post Gazette explains. If this description has confused you, don’t worry; Lisk can be used intuitively even by people who aren’t well-versed in cryptocurrency matters. To unleash the full potential of Lisk, you would need to register a Lisk account before downloading the Lisk Wallet and then launching the app. In 2018, thousands of people have signed up. Don’t leave it too late to join them, as 2019 looks like a very promising year for Lisk.

5. NEO

Neo cryptocurrency
photo credit: KryptoMoney

What if we told you that NEO is not only a relatively young cryptocurrency but also the only one originating from China? Yes, the start of that sentence was a deliberate reference to The Matrix – and you could deem this cryptocurrency “the one” largely on account of its recent significant growth. In 2018, NEO hit a market value of $187 after rising hugely over an 18-month period, making this cryptocurrency definitely one on which to keep an eye.

Research and a lot of luck are the two most important factors in deciding on a cryptocurrency, or cryptocurrencies to invest in this year. As with any investing, never spend money you don’t have on cryptocurrencies (ie., credit or bill payment funds).