6 Actionable Ways Today’s Companies Can Win More Industry Influence in 2019

Influence is an incredibly valuable currency for modern businesses. After all, anyone can whip together a product, create a website and sell marketing snake oil. Because there are so many copycats and mediocre products, companies that actually influence others are the ones that stand the test of time. Doing so requires going above and beyond in terms of how you not only present your product to the public, but also market your company and a way that screams that you matter. How do you achieve star status in your industry in 2019?

Below are 6 actionable ways to do exactly that.

1. Take Your Product Mobile

The increasing number of app users and mobile customers is rather telling. Businesses having a mobile presence represents best practices for any industry from responsive design to accepting payments on-the-go for brick-and-mortar businesses. If you really want to stand out, though, you need an app. Creating one is easier than ever: it’s the marketing piece that often trips businesses up. Optimizing your product for the App Store by emphasizing details such as SEO, titles and imagery will ultimately determine whether or not strangers see what you’re selling as the real deal.

2. Participate in Industry Podcasts

Having a larger share of voice in your industry is always good news for any business which is part of why podcasts are gaining stream. The beauty of podcasts is that they not only provide you an opportunity to show off your expertise, but also provide a platform for others to promote themselves. This rings true for up-and-comers in your industry to veterans alike.

On one hand, hosting others allows you both sit on the same stage of big players in your industry and give them props that give you some secondhand clout. On the flip side, going on the podcasts of others provides them with a low-hanging source of content. Participating in podcasts is a win-win for both parties, so make sure to seek some out and never turn down a speaking opportunity.

3. Produce an Epic Explainer Video

Video marketing statistics don’t lie: seeing is believing for modern customers. An in-depth explainer video that details what your product does, who you are as a brand and the problems you solve is a worthwhile investment. Such a professional video only needs to be approximately two minutes long to be effective and can serve as an awesome piece of evergreen content to increase conversions. For example, you can plaster snippets of your video throughout social media in addition to your homepage to actually show people what you have to offer. It’s a brilliant opportunity versus writing yet another blog post, especially given how much traction video has gained recently.

4. Highlight Your Success Stories

We already said seeing is believing, right? Well, another rule today’s customers live by is “show, don’t tell.” As we noted earlier, any business can talk a big game. Influencers can prove that they’re produced results and have it documented in the form of a case study. Sure, reviews and testimonials are nice. But a full-blown case study breaking down the fine details can remove any doubts from skeptics and solidify the fact you can create results. As an added bonuses, case studies make for brilliant lead magnets. This template for producing a case study can help you better understand what you need to one together.

5. Attend More Trade Shows and Industry Events

There’s a lot of emphasis here on digital marketing efforts, but don’t neglect the importance of an in-person presence. The benefits of attending conferences are being cited more and more in the digital world. Making connections and meeting like-minded professionals is always a plus, as is keeping an in-person eye on the competition.

6. Get Featured in the Right Publications

Piggybacking on the last tip, attending events along with an active social presence is the perfect recipe for more press coverage. From industry blogs to journals and beyond, scoring mentions is yet another form of social proof that signals your authority. The key is to consistently produce content and be apart of your industry’s conversation. Frequently “@” relevant players and give them a pat on the pat for everything from their latest blog posts to a new round of funding. They’ll do the same in return if you’re consistent. Don’t let your earned media mentions go to waste, by the way. They’re arguably the most powerful marketing firepower in your arsenal.


The more influence you have in your industry, the better. Given today’s cutthroat tech landscape, even the seemingly smallest steps have a big impact on how you’re perceived by customers and competitors alike. Any combination of these tips is totally fair game for any startup looking to make their way up in the business world.