5 Things to Analyze Before Buying Seasoned Tradelines

Buying seasoned tradelines has been one of the most hyped funding methods for some years now. It has gained a lot of attention and experts’ advice one to add tradelines to their credit report in order to create a positive impact.

Seasoned tradelines is a useful tool but with it comes a lot of questions. So, before taking the next step, here are 5 things to analyze:

Seasoned tradelines guide

1. How Seasoned Tradelines Work

Tradelines usually record all the account activity of the borrower. It’s a tool that is used to not only analyze but also document the borrower’s score by the agencies that drafts credit report. Well, the process is just simple. You pay a fee and get added as an authorized user to a specific seasoned tradeline. Your credit score automatically increases because your credit history now has years of perfect payment history.

A positive credit standing will show if you have excellent credit accounts and your scores boost up instantly. However, if you have poor accounts being reported, the axe falls on you and you get a negative credit standing. You won’t have to worry though because the credit score will start rising by adding seasoned tradelines and you might qualify for loans and funding.

2. Where Can You Get Seasoned Tradelines

You aren’t the only one wondering where. People are asking Uncle Google this question every time. You can find places to buy seasoned tradelines all over the internet especially on sites like backpage, craigslist and the likes.

Be careful though on whom you are buying from. You can’t just bump into someone who doesn’t even pick your calls but is bold enough to ask for upfront fees. Check for reviews on consumer protection sites like Glassdoor and make sure the company is an existing business. There are many legit companies that offer buying tradelines services but don’t be tempted to send upfront fees.

3. How Much Seasoned Tradelines Are Worth

Clients usually ask how much seasoned tradelines cost. You deserve to know the truth. Seasoned tradelines’ prices depend on its age, limit and also balance. The price is not relevant unless you know the tradeline you are looking for and you can’t tell the tradeline you need unless you know credit report’s deficiencies.

So, the appropriate question to ask is what tradeline you should take and how much it will cost. The question will then be answered after your credit report is thoroughly analyzed. Don’t go out there looking for cheap tradelines or you will go back home in tears.

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4. Why You Should Buy Seasoned Tradelines

First, you should ask yourself whether you need them or you are just chasing after an opportunity blindly. If you do, assess the situation of your current credit. If you manage to pay your debts and payments on time then lucky you! You don’t need to add tradelines to that account of yours. After all, quality matters over quantity.

You shouldn’t have many accounts or else they will influence your credit situation negatively. Instead, have fewer accounts because they are the key to a healthy credit. To understand whether you need tradelines or not, assess yourself from the four categories below:

  • Prime benefit: You have to add a seasoned tradeline in order to improve your credit.
  • Possible to benefit: Your chances of benefiting are weak if you add a tradeline.
  • Likely to benefit: When you add a tradeline, it will have good impact on your credit.
  • Unlikely to benefit: It will be a waste adding a tradeline because it’s not going to be in your favor.

Evaluate your decision through these four points to determine if you really need to add a seasoned tradeline.

5. What Is Their History and Are Seasoned Tradelines Legal?

Seasoned tradelines have been in use for 40 years. It’s mainly used by mortgage brokers and lenders. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act 1974 allows the process of attaching credit accounts to someone legally.

Talking about legality, are they legal? Not drugs alone can be abused. If they were used in a fraudulently, then that would be illegal. But don’t worry about being added as an authorized user. It’s all legal.


Buying seasonal tradelines is beneficial depending on your credit score and if you can consult a professional to guide you through. It’s really simple to start if you have the full information and it can open up better opportunities.