4 Best Practices for Editing Marketing Content

Most professionals tend to think that once a piece of marketing content goes live, their job is finished. However, the best business blogs are anything but static. In fact, proactive marketers not only contribute new blog posts regularly, bu they also revisit and edit their old content as well. Virtually every business blog can be improved by rewriting articles from months or even years ago.

We’re here to provide you with four helpful editing best practices so that you can refine your content like a pro. Check them out:

Marketing content editing

Proofread Before Publication

Marketers shouldn’t have to devote time to fixing grammatical, spelling, factual, or syntactical mistakes in their old content. Ideally, no one should publish a post without thoroughly proofreading and fact-checking it first.

Note also that group editing will help your team avoid some common errors. Still, should you notice any glaring flaws in your writing, don’t hesitate to address them!

Don’t Rewrite History

Predicting the future is tough. When it comes to making business forecasts, even experts can sometimes look foolish in hindsight. Resist the urge to rewrite history and claim that you accurately foresaw the rise of Reddit or knew that the housing marketing was going to collapse.

There’s no shame in amending a blog to explain why your business felt one way or another about a particular development, but don’t lie to your consumer base. That’s a bad look regardless of context.

Re-Release Your Work

When most bloggers go back to review their previous posts, they typically don’t announce that they’ve made changes. Whether out of embarrassment or fear, professionals tend to want to keep this practice underwraps. Yet, there’s no shame in creating better, more engaging content for your consumer base.

Don’t be afraid to re-release your work, and let your followers know that you’ve updated old pieces with new info. By doing so, you can boost awareness and encourage regular readers to take a second look at old pieces.

Digital marketing performance analysis

Identify Profitable Opportunities

Most business websites contain hundreds –– if not thousands –– of blogs dating back years in the past. As such, determining which posts are most worth your time and effort is difficult –– without proper tracking methods, that is.

Progressive marketers review the effectiveness of their content before they begin tinkering with their work. For that purpose, there are tools and services for monitoring digital marketing performance, such as those offered by www.advocado.media.

At the end of the day, you ultimately decide to attribute content conversions, be sure to form a content strategy that will allow you to identify and edit past pieces. Otherwise you could end up leaving money on the table!